October 2018 Seoul Festival,Event and Exhibition

목재문화페스티벌 2018  사진1

2018 Wood Culture Festival

  • the host/mainstream/tel 02-3463-9632
  • The 2nd Wood Culture Festival will be held on October 14 at Yongsan Family Park. A variety of oxen to suit family picnic in fall.A row event is ready. The main event of this festival is the 5th wooden wedding ceremony. It will hold a wooden wedding ceremony to exchange love rings made of wood with 20 couples for more than five years. Anyone who wants to convey their constant love to their spouse or family members can apply for a Facebook page by writing a story that is touching or unusual. In addition, you can experience a variety of carpentry events such as “My souvenir,” “One-Thousand-Year Promise,” “Creating DiY Department Furniture,” “Show Wood Products,” and “Stamp Tour.”Imagine a tree in which children can play with nature, a wood experience booth and an exciting celebration for everyone! The whole family is cow.I just hope you’ll be ready to enjoy the line.
    A wedding ceremony, a souvenir for me, a thousand-year-old wooden engagement, and DIY couple’s furniture
  • Secondary Event Experience Program, Kids Zone, Stamp Tour, Exhibition
  • Promotion, Celebration Performance


Seoul Garden Exhibition 2018


  • The Organizing Committee of the Seoul Garden Exhibition and the Environmental Landscape Sharing Research Institute, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, etc. 02-521-4626
    Introduction to Events Seoul Garden Fair makes Seoul a special place to live in the garden. Seoul Picnic invites you to the slogan, “I’m in the middle of town!”
    Event content – exhibition of invited garden works with arboretum, company, etc.
    – a garden created by Seoul citizens’ majors
    – Operation of the Garden Center and excellent products in the garden industry, new technology promotion booth
    – Technical information sharing and cooperation conferences with garden experts
    – Garden Garden related Flies Market
    Seoul Garden Exhibition 2015 ‘This garden lives in Seoul’)
    2016 Seoul Garden Exhibition (Location: World Cup Park/Title: Every day is nature when you meet a garden. )
    2017 Seoul Garden Exhibition (Location: Yeouido Park: You, Me, Our Garden)
    Program – Citizen Participation Garden Contest and Contest
    – Family plantation is a family garden.
    – A potluck party, a garden table, etc.

Gangnam Festival 2018


  • Event period: 2018.09.28 to 2018.10.07
    Location: 513 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
    43 areas of Gangnam-gu, including Yeongdong-daero, COEX, and Gangnam Station
    Contact: 02-3423-5542
    Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/gangnamfestival

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