Cloud·Sunset Cafe on DongJak Bridge For Night View


Cloud·Sunset Cafe on DongJak Bridge is changed to E-Mart 24 Culture Lounge.

I’ve been there for how to change.

If you get off at Dongjak Station on Line 4,

you can see the sign of the cloud cafe in front of Exit 1.





It takes about 5 minutes.

In my case, I took about 8 minutes.




The café has 175 m2 (53 pyeong)

and is open from 6 am to midnight.




DongJak Cloud·Sunset Cafe has a rest area (Café Zone) and a convenience store where barista makes coffee on first and second floor.

About 600 items which are the scale of one-fifth compared to a typical store

are sold at Emart 24 stores.

They sold the desserts of cakes, pudding and macaroon to suit the lounge concept.

As a differentiating menu, two different kinds of develsdore homemade beer

(Fail Aale, Helis) are priced at 8,000 won each

and Heineken beer is priced at 7,000 won.

Jjambbong dumplings and sausages are also sold with beers.



Corkage fee of wine is priced at 2,000 won.



The 3rd and 4th floors are decorated with Star Maru Lounge,

where you can read books, and Munhakdongne BookCreation bookstore,

which recommends books by subject.

Various cultural events will also be held here.

If you are interested in the events, visit here.


There were also poems, comic books and the latest novel.


There are some booklets about SeoCho Area.


The roof top on the fifth floor is the highest point

to look down the Han River. Really good view



There are a lot of couples to enjoy the view.

If you need it, you can get the Love lock sold at convenience store.


By the way, the highlight of the cloud cafe is night view at sunset.





I took this photo before leaving the Cloud·Sunset Cafe.

If you are looking for the pretty cafe on special day or on good day,

I highly recommend to go to the Cloud·Sunset Cafe.

This is the perfect place to think about my stuffs to see the great view of Han River.


Next time, I want to visit there with my precious friend for night view.

Blogged by Seocho Tourist Information Center




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