[UNESCO World Heritage] Korea Royal Tombs Heounreung and Inreung

This time, the Seocho goblin went to the Royal Tomb of the Joseon Dynasty Heounleng and the Inreung tomb.


First, it is an introduction to the Tomb of the Cultural Heritage Administration.


Heolleung Royal Tomb, Seoul (獻陵)

Heolleung, the tomb of King Taejong(太宗, 1367~1422, r. 1400~1408), the third monarch of the Joseon Dynasty, and his consort Queen Wongyeong(元敬王后, 1365~1420



Illeung Royal Tomb, Seoul (仁陵)

Illeung the tomb of King(Honorary Emperor) Sunjo(純祖, 1790~1834, r. 1800~1834) the third monarch of the Joseon Dynasty, and his consort Queen(Honorary Empress) Sunwon(純元皇后, 1789~1857)





When you arrive, you will see the human tomb first. It is said that the tomb of Queen Sukjo and Empress of the 23rd generation of Joseon Dynasty tomb.



It’s the same shape as other royal tombs, and there’s a pavilion, a pavilion on its right, and there’s a seam on a hill far away.


You can’t climb the peak right away, but you can see the way up along the trail. It’s too bad you can’t see the front view because you can’t get close.


The difference between the tomb and the tombstone, is the difference in the size and form of the tomb. The tomb of the Hunt is large enough to be expected to be the Royal Tomb of the King and small in scale compared to the splendid.



2278Let’s explain about the phoenixes in the royal tomb.

It is the 23rd King of Joseon and the tomb of King Sunwon Kim
It was on the left side of Jangneung (Injo) in Paju, and was moved here during the time of King Cheoljong’s reign because Pungsu-ri was good.


There’s also a parking lot, so you don’t have to worry about parking. When you have free time, I recommend you visit UNESCO World Heritage and the best walking course.

I will finish introduction of Seocho Gobline who went to the world heritage site, Joseon Royal Tombs, and the royal tombs


찾아가시는 길


If you use public transportation, you can get off at 500-55 after crossing the crosswalk as the bus stop is in the middle of Gangnam Station.

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