November 2018 Seocho Festival, Events and Exhibitions



2018 Mokwoo Art Festival


Period 2018.11.03(Sat) ~ 2018.11.09(Fru)
Location Hangaram Art Museum 1st Exhibition Hall, 2nd Exhibition Hall, 3rd Exhibition Hall, 4th Exhibition Hall, 5th Exhibition Hall, 6th Exhibition Hall
Viewing grade Full view
Genre Exhibition
Price Free
Hosting Mokwoo
This exhibition is free.

[View time]
11am – 7pm

[Introduction to Exhibition]
* Exhibition room 1, Exhibition room 2, Exhibition room 3
Individual booth exhibition (50 people) of writers with difficult individual exhibitions
It is composed of contents that can actively communicate with the public through high-level exhibitions, rich and diverse attractions, and contribute more to the public’s public interest, and enhance understanding of art and disseminate art culture with art festivals.
* 4th Exhibition Hall
55th Mokwoo Art Exhibition
A writer with more than three years of experience in writing, the first screening was completed by this association. This is a contest for pure membership.
* Exhibition room 5, Exhibition room 6
80 times before membership of Mok Woo-hoe (230)
The exhibition will provide a valuable opportunity for people who love art to appreciate and communicate with artists.

– Exhibit-
800 oil paintings, 10 pieces, 80 pieces watercolors



The ring of nibellrung _the gold of a line


Period 2018.11.14(Wed) ~ 2018.11.18(Sun)
Time Weekdays (Wed, Thur, Friday) 20 o’clock / Weekends (to, work) 15
Location an opera house
Viewing grade Watch over 8 years of age
Watch time 160 minutes
Genre Opera
Price R seats 400,000 won / S seats 330,000 won / A seats 240,000 won / B seats 120,000 won / C seats 70,000 won / D seats 50,000 won
Hosting World Art Opera
Subject World Art Opera, Korea Management
Contact 02-3487-0678
Sponsorship/collaboration Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Embassy of Germany in Korea, Cultural Center in Germany, Wagner Association / BMW Korea



Drama <Doll House>


Period 2018.11.06(Thu018.11.25(일)
Time At 7:45 p.m. on Monday, November 13th, no performance.
Location CJ Towall Theater
Viewing grade Watch over 8 years of age
Viewing time 150 Minute
Genre Drama
Price R seats 70,000 won / OP seats (55,000 won) / S seats (30,000 won) / A seats
Hosting Seoul Arts Center
Contact 02-580-1300
Sponsorship/collaboration KDB Industrial Bank of Korea


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