November 2018 Seoul Festival,Event and Exhibition

Global Friendship Festival 2018

글로벌 프렌즈쉽 페스티벌 2018  사진1
  • Event period: 2018.11.03 to 2018.11.03
    Location: 683 A Study on Yebit Island of Banpo Han River Park
  • Banpo Hanriver Park
    Contact :070-888-1720
    • Hosting / Subjecting: Korea Institute for International Cultural Exchange and Promotion of course, GKL Foundation  Tel: 070-8858-1720

      Event introduction: The 2018 Global Friendship Festival, “The Han River Running Together,” is a venue for exchanges that promote friendship and harmony with foreigners and spread global values to ordinary citizens so that everyone can become one culture.
      There are plenty of other meaningful programs, such as the Han River

      Program: – Global Fleet Market
      – Celebrations, after parties (multicultural performances, non-verbal performances, indie bands ,running by people around the world, the multi-cultural experience booths and after parties.

      Information provider: Hae-ri Hong





    • Event period 201.11.01 to 2018.11.06
      Location: 68 Saemoonan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
      Venecube Gwanghwamun, CGV Pikadiri 1958

      Contact: 02-783-6518~9


      host/maintenance Asia/(S) Asia/International Short Film Festival Tel 02-783-6518~9

    • The Asia-Pacific Film Festival (AISFF), the largest international competition film festival in the world, will be held on November 1, 2018 at the 6th Cincube Gwanghwamun and CGV Piccadilly. The Asiana International Short Film Festival, which started with the world’s first “In-flight Film Festival,” is based on a stable and substantial film festival that celebrates its 16th anniversary this year.
    • Event Contents – International Competition
      – Domestic Competitiveness
      – Special programs (non-competition)
      * See the website for detailed performance and program information.

      Program Home Page Reference

    • Information provider
      Asia International Film Festival PR team


    • Job Fair in Tourism Industry 2018
    • Event period: 2018.11.20 to 2018.11.27
      Location: 27, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
      Contact: 02-2186-9050, 9214, 9247
    • Hosting / Subjecting: The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism / the Korea Tourism Organization Tel. 02-2186-9050, 9214, 9247
    • the host/maintenance/tourism/tourism agency, ten other associations
    • Tel: 02-2186-9050, 9214, 9247
  • the host/maintenance/tourism/tourism agency, ten other associations 02-2186-9050, 9214, 9247
  • Event introduction: It provides information on traditional tourism activities such as event introduction hotel industry, travel industry, and MICE business, and tourism business, as well as overseas job placement, as well as the establishment of tourism venture. Jobseekers are offered job opportunities by securing a wide range of jobs and employment information, while job seekers can promote companies and meet a variety of talented people, and ordinary people can check information and trends in the tourism industry.
  • Information provider
    Korea Tourism Organization Youth Job Support Team

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