Cheonggyesan in Seocho-gu for the autumn foliage

Hello ~

Seocho Tourist Information Center


I’m going to introduce you

Cheonggyesan in Seocho-gu

for the autumn foliage.


When you get out of the exit 2

of Cheonggyesan Station

there is the entrance to Cheonggyesan Mountain.




You can start from A

on the map.



The Maebong (582m) course takes about two hours.

Oknyeobong (375m) course takes about an hour.



I will take the Maebong (582m) course.



I will show hot to get there.



Even thought you are first time to crime,

you can climb up well.




Because there is the sign on the way.






Just climb up

following the sigh of Maebong.




On the way of Maebong



you can see the foliage

only in the autumn



The foliage looks

colorful and beautiful.



You can enjoy the foliage



in cheonggyesan of seochogu.



They looks

so fascinating.




You don’t need to

lose the way.




There is the sign

on the way of climbing.




Only climb up direction to the Maebong.



When you feel tired,

take a rest in a pavilion.





while enjoying the foliage



just, 700 m




600 m just left to climb up.


You can get the good energy from

the rock called Dolmun.



Behind that rock


There are a lot of

gorgeous pines.




When you Climb up little more,

there is the sign of Maebawi in Cheonggyesan.



Many people take the photo over there.



When you climb up a little more



you can reach my destination ‘Maebong’



You can look down the seoul from Maebong.


I took the panorama.



While climbing down,

also, you can enjoy the foliage.



Before passing this autumn



I recommend you to go

to the cheonggyesan in seochogu

for the autumn foliage.





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