The subway vent has been remodeled. ‘Seocho Wind Tower’

The Seocho Wind Hill was constructed using a large subway vent and cooling tower located between Exit 9 and 10 of Gangnam Station in Seocho-gu, Seoul.




The vent or the wind blowing over the air creates a wave of waves that move in large numbers.The ‘Wind Tower’ with a width of 1081m2 and a height of 15m consists of a stair stand and a green hill for small performance.



A small concert was held to celebrate it.

A three-dimensional wind hill has been constructed to attract people’s attention by using the vent and cooling tower near the subway.A small concert was held to celebrate it.Recently, due to high concentration of fine dust, citizens are interested in their health. At night it was blue (good), green (normal), yellow (bad), and red (very bad) and
it was expressed in a lot of light by using four colored tower lights to show the concentration of fine dust.

You can do healing while enjoying the night lighting



There is a food truck zone in front of us, so we can enjoy the nighttime lighting and enjoy the food. Right next to it, we can get the tourist information from our Seocho Tourist Information Center and have one and three seats. When you’re free, or when you’re coming to Gangnam Station, stop by here and enjoy the downtown healing with fresh air!



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