Seocho “Culture and Arts Park “


I went  to the Seocho Culture and Arts Park.


The Seocho Culture and Arts Park which is located to the exit 3

of the Yangjae Citizens Forest has

Sculpture Park, exhibition center, outdoor theater, Meeting Plaza

and so on like this picture of the bottom.




Many people knew the Citizens Forest

but din’t know about the Seocho Culture and Arts Park.

The Citizens Forest is much popular than the Seocho Culture and Arts Park.

I think the reason why is that

the Citizens Forest has the Seocho Culture and Arts Park.


It is located 10 minutes walking distance from Yangjae Citizen’s Forest station,

You can park your car free of charge along Yangjae Stream next to

the Korea Federation of Teachers Associations.



It is not a big park, but it is a place

where trees are plentiful and trails are beautiful,

such as a metasequoire.





Walking along the Maple Leaf will take you to a little house

with a little acorn shape and sculptures of famous sculptors

are displayed around the walkway.




Kang Eun-yup – Now here




Lee Il Ho



Choi Byung-sang – When We Meet Again 1993




Yun Seongjin – Landscape with Venus 1993




Kim Young Joong – Looking back on my life




JeonJoon – Sound Meeting




Choi Ki Won – Birth




Jeon Young Ja – Love



Baek Hyun Ok – Family Return



In addition to famous sculptures,

it is also famous for its “ㄱ” type walkway.




There is also a relaxation area with benches,

which is a good place to relax for a while.



Above all, the Cultural Arts Park was very fun with beautiful colored leaves

with colorful shapes.

Come to Seocho “Culture and Arts Park”

to take a rest before this beautiful season.


Location: 12 Way 40, Baumeuro Road, Seoul (Yangjae-dong)
Location Description: Next to the Seoul Education and Culture Center(Citizen’s Forest, 3 area)
Accommodations: None
Additional Information
Central Square: 4,500m²
Lawn plaza: 3,500m²
Outdoor stage: 2,000m²
Sculpture: 10 points
Trees: 6,889 trees with zelkova trees
Turf: 14,000m²
Contact: 02-2155-8601 (Park Greenery Section: 02-2155-6861 ~ 5)
Guidance map



Transportation: From Yangjae Station Exit 7, take the village bus (Seocho 08) to Seongnam for 5 minutes

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