January 2019 Seoul Festival,Event and Exhibition

The watch-night bell rings in the new year

[Introduction to events]

The New Year’s Day event is a representative New Year’s celebration event held on December 31 with the citizens of Bosingak in Seoul. Other events include wishing for the health and well-being of the people, peace, prosperity of the nation, and unification of the nation, and wishing individuals well and happiness of the new year.

The slogan of this year’s event is “Shouting of 100 Years, Crying of Tomorrow,” and in addition to other events, participation programs, food shows, and New Year’s celebrations will also be held.

[Content of event]

Before this event, 100,000 Hope Gallery Festival Lounge is operated

Announcement of Reformation, Juiceeyeon, Introduction of Other Servants, and Citizen’s Interview on the Site

Other Jong-Sik: Other Bells, 2019 Dream of Hope, New Year’s Day

post-dinner performance

2018 Jarak Festival

The roar becomes the opening declaration/sailing becomes the ringing of the town.

2019 Ring of Hope: Other Bell-Sik (countdown, Taizon, Citizen Participation Smart) /2019 Ring of Hope (Video) / New Year’s speech

The roar of 100 years spreading to tomorrow: 100 years’ roar of tomorrow (singer’s celebration)

Start date2018.12.31
End Date2019.01.01
Phone 02-542-2695
Chongno-gu, Jongno-gu, Seoul
free of charge START DATE2018.12.31

The National Theater of Korea – Choon Poong is comming 2018

[Introduction to events]

Four years in a row! My name is in vain!

2018-2019 National Theater’s repertoire season yard playSpring is coming.
Madang nori, which had changed the scenery of the year-end holiday, which was almost like a pleasant and heart-warming satire and humor, never fails to attract visitors. The National Theater of Korea, Madangnori, adapted from “Yi Chunpungjeon,” will be able to experience the scenes of Lee Chun-style ad-lib, cool satire, exciting music played in the ear, and funny stories from actors in front of their noses. Along with Lee Chun-pung, a rare wild boomer, and his wife, who will show Uman Krushy, you can enjoy a Madangnori board this winter to forgets the cold.

Start date2018.12.06
End Date2017.01.20
For more information, call center for the National Theater of Korea 02-2280-4114.
Address 59 Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
Hosted National Theatre
Main National Theater
a service charge
50,000 won in front seat [

The 4th Seoul Christmas Festival

[Introduction to events]

The Seoul Christmas Festival, which marks its fourth anniversary this year, offers a wealth of attractions such as Christmas, colorful LED lighting works, Santa Village, and Dream Palace. I hope many of you will participate and support the Seoul Christmas Festival, which will plunge citizens into the winter fairy tale.

Start date2018.12.08
End Date2019.01.01
Phone 02-904-1159
41 Cheonggye-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
a host-oriented newspaper
Free of charge (expense, etc.)

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