Enjoying the GT Ice Rink from December to February


Hello ~

Seocho Tourist Information Center


Today, I will introduce the Ice Rink

where you can enojoy ice-skating in Gangnam Station.



Get into GT Tower

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There is the ticket box.



Depending on the usage time,

the fee is different.



Depending on the age,

the fee is different.



Regardless of age,

Skate rental costs 5,000 won



If you go underground in GT tower,

there is a rental room.


You are required to wear helmets and gloves for safety.



If you do not have gloves,

purchase is available.



2,000 won / 1,000 won


캡션 입력


If you pay  10,000 won deposit,

you can use luggage storage for free.



There is the snack bar

as the minimum size in a rental shop.


White, black helmets for adults

Yellow, blue helmet is for children



I was wearing ice skates.



The skate looks so clean

and this knife took a nice edge.




it was heavily snowing.


Many people said that

It was more fun in summer when it is raining.



I felt that

It was more fun to enjoy skating when it was snowing.



GT Ice Rink is surrounded by buildings in Seocho area.



Some people asked us how to rent a skate.

I felt that they wanted to skate.



Even though I’m not a worker,

they asked me a lot for their own questions.



It was quiet hard to keep skating for 2 hours.



When you feel tired,

you can take a rest in the bench.



Let’s enjoy skating again in the cities.



If you have skated for 2 hours with K-pop music,

it makes you feel hungry.



There are some restaurants next to GT Ice Rink.



Panini / Sandwich


You can have some food such as

Omelette, risotto, burger and so on.


There is GT Ice rink surrounded by buildings in Seocho area.

It takes about 5 minutes on foot from the exit 9 of Gangnam Station.




Weekday / Weekend

If you have a time, come to visit here.


First-come, First-served basis.

So, I recommend you to book in advance.


Reservation Web-site ▶



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