Good Healing Place in Cold Winter – National Central Library

The Seocho Tourist Information Center visited the National Library of Korea to introduce you to a good place for healing in the cold winter.


Last time I introduced you about the Recording Media Museum, which is located next to the National Library of Korea.~

This time I tried a different line.

Exit 6 of Seocho Station


After passing through the Seocho Police Station,


Passing the Nue Bridge


I arrived at the National Library of Korea. It took about 10 minutes in total.


The National Library of Korea, the 15th largest in the world, holds 10 million books for the first time in Korea.

Publications and various types of knowledge published in Korea since its opening in 1945 as a report of national knowledge sources

Information is collected and preserved in a systematic manner and provided to the people.


In this way, the National Library of Korea can feel nature surrounded by a park.

The garden between the main building and the digital library is beautiful, so you can take a break while reading.


You need a license to use the library.

When I went to the information desk, the receptionist kindly gave me the procedure to promote the service.


If you show your ID in the library card office after signing up for the homepage, you can issue it.


Baggage storage is also well organized.


Now let’s take a look around the library.


I came to the exhibition room on the first floor, and it was just that there was a donation data exhibition for Lee Bo-hyung, a pioneer of folk music research. I looked around, and it was so new and wonderful.


The open yard is also decorated like a cafe, so it’s perfect for reading books and taking a rest.


This is the cultural floor on the second floor. You can see the history of the library visually, and there are many things to see.


This is the serial delivery room on the third floor.


This is the library on the forth floor.


It’s well-designed to enjoy reading comfortably.


This is the torture, map, and exhibition room on the fifth floor.


There is also a North Korean data center on the fifth floor.

There’s a lot of unique material that I want to film, so I’m tempted to film it, but unfortunately, this is a total ban.

Please visit and look around in person.


The library is well equipped with convenience facilities such as the North restaurant and convenience store.~

This has been the National Library of Korea!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, the cold winter at the National Library of the National Central Library.

Let’s visit a lot and go on a trip to the book together.

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