February 2019 Seoul Festival,Event and Exhibition

Seoul Photo Festival 2018


The 2018 Seoul Photo Festival will consist of three photo workshops, a special exhibition at the North Seoul Museum, a site of the Chang-dong Photography Hall, and a photo festival at SeMA Warehouse. The pre-workshop, which is conducted with this exhibition, examines the issues of domestic and foreign photo sites by diagnosing the present picture and collecting requests for the photo art museum, and explores the natural conditions changing with the times and the conditions of our lives in the changing social and economic systems.

Start date2018.11.01
End Date2019.02.10
Phone 02-706-6751
http://sema seoul.go.kr
1238 Dongil-ro, Nowon-gu, Seoul
Seoul Museum of Art
free of charge

Dessert Fees “Seoul Dizzautfair”


  • [Introduction to events]

    Korea’s largest handmade dessert fair “Seoul Dizzautfair”
    The 20th Seoul DeGazette Fair will present a variety of desserts, such as macaroons, strawberry meringue cookies, strawberry lattes, and chocolate fondue, with a concept of chocolate and strawberries, and a variety of things to see that have been enriched by co-hosting the Craft Exhibition. You can also meet my beauty concept zone. Students of bakeries and bakeries who love desserts gather to make handmade cookie pancakes with unique concept every time.

    Start date2019.02.08
    End Date2019.02.10
    Phone 02-6010-8941
    27 Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul
    ○ North Palcomics
    the charge of 5,000 won
    Discount information: Timon discount ticket


Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra No. 9


  • [Introduction to events]

    Stefan Doors, the chief horn runner of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, will play “Horn Concerto No. 2” composed by Richard Strauss in his later years. The Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra and former Venezuelan conductor Christian Vasquez will play Schubert’s grand symphony No. 9.

    Start date2019.02.28
    End Date of 2019.02.28
    Phone 1588-1210
    Address Seoul Special City Songpa-gu Olympics
    Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra
    Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra
    Rates 70,000(R), 50,000 (S), 30,000 (A), 20,000 (B), 10,000 (C)



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