February 2019 Seocho Festival,Event and Exhibition


KCO 2019 a New Year’s concert

Detailed performance information
Period 2019.02.01(Fri)
Time 20:00
Location Concert hall
View rating 8+ years of age
Watch time 120 minutes
Genre Symphony
Price R seat 90000won / S seat 60000won / A Seat 30000won / B seat 10000won
Host Korean Chamber of Commerce
Subject Korean Chamber of Commerce
Inquiry 02-592-5728



Drama the god of the massacre

Period 2019.02.16(Sat) ~ 2019.03.24(Sun)
Time Weekdays (Fire-Friday) 20 / Weekends (Tuesday) 14:00, 18:00 / * No performances
※ Performances once – February 16 (Taturday) 18 / March 1 (Friday) 14
Location Free Small Theater
View rating 14 years and older
Watch time 90 minutes
Genre Drama
Price Rseat 60,000won / Sseat 50,000won / A석 40,000won
Hose Sin-C company
Inquiry 02-577-1987


Daegwallyeong Winter Music Festival

Period 2019.02.08(Fri)
Time 20:00
Location Concerthall
View rating 8+ years of age
View time 135 minutes
Genre Symphony
Price Rseat 50,000won / Sseat 30,000won / Aseat 20,000won
Host Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Gangwon Province
Subject Kangwon Cultural Foundation
Inquiry 033-240-1363
Sponcer Seoul Arts Center

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