Maeheon Yoon Bong-gil Memorial Museum

Hello This isSeocho Tourist Information Center

Today, we’re going to have a family of people who love their country and their people.

We visited Maeheon Yoon Bong-gil Memorial Hall




Exit 5 of Yangjae Citizen’s Forest Station,



There’s Yoon Bong-gil Memorial Hall



– Visiting information


– Facility guidance


If you come to Maeheon Yunbonggil Memorial Hall,


The Birth and Growth Process of Dr. Maeheon Yunbong-gil


Maeheon, how he ve  got his nickname




The motive for starting the rural enlightenment movement.



In fact, Dr. Yoon Bong-gil.



Books that he studied



The remains of Dr. Yoon Bong-gi



The reason why He started the independence movement


The background of the establishment of a renaissance

It was a place where you can feel the area of Maeheon Yoon Bong-gil.


Not only that.

We could see Dr. Maeheon Yunbong-gil’s letters. ~

Dear Mother


Impressive thing

< To my mother >


< Dear Mother who loves her child >


If you go to 2 Exhibition Hall



Even under Japanese oppression in the 1930s,


After many ups and downs, He arrived in Shanghai, China!


You can see the Shanghai Postcard back then.


Joining the Korean Patriotic Union,


I don’t know what he’ve been up to.



We could see the traces of Maeheon Yoon Bong-gil.



Also, the process of joining the Korean Patriots in detail.
I can tell.



In addition, the sites of activities under Shanghai


In fact, it’s marked as a map of Shanghai at the time.


It’s the kind of independence movement that had to go



A passage with deep determination of Yoon Bong-gil.

– Among the writings of Dr. Yoon Bong-gil



April 29, 1932


To the invaders



After throwing the bomb of justice


Maeheon Yoon Bong-gil, arrested by the Japanese police


with a run of Yoon Bong-gil.

Osaka Asahi Shimbun



After all, we’re going to be at the frame.

He died.



I’m here to see if I can find a way













It became a phone booth that opened up the path of the cooling independence movement.



The Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea has come back to life.


Relics showing this

<Jangje’s Yook = Jangryol Chunchu >

Shortly after the Korean War, Chinese President Jiang Zese delivered a handwritten letter to Yoon’s family in 1967, which means that he respects the noble intentions and will honor them forever.


< Cairo Declaration >

In 1943, during the Cairo meeting, we were able to make our country an independent country.

It said it would build it, and it was announced on December 1.



< The Order of Merit for National Foundation >


The second exhibition hall, the last site, is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Yoon Bong-gil.


We really appreciate Dr. Yoon Bong-gil, who was willing to sacrifice his life.


Patriotic spirit

The time I could learn.

(Photo below, Maeheon Yoon Bong-gil’s statue in the forest area of Yangjae citizens)


Weekdays / weekends

Come to the Maeheon, Yoon Bong-gil Memorial Hall


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