Banpo Station Digital Citizen Safety Experience ∙ Public Information Hall


I heard that Banpo subway station on Line 7 has been transformed into a complex cultural life space. so I went to there

Among them, the Digital Citizen Safety Experience and Public relations officer was impressive



This is a digital civil safety experience and public relations copy.

It’s so good that you can see what it’s like with one eye.

I’m looking forward to it.


When I arrived at Banpo Station and left the gate, I saw the signboard.

You come up through the stairs behind the signboard,5

The Digital Safety Experience Center, in which the side features a subway train on line 2, is immediately visible.

Isn’t the design too sensible? I’m personally impressed.67

The Oriente Room, which starts its activities at the Experience Hall, displays various related books and safety items.



VR Experience


Simpesophysiology experience


I experienced the driving experience of the electric train sequentially.~

It was very nice of the guide to show you a demonstration with a kind explanation.

Among them, VR was the most fun and the experience of CPR was very beneficial. But after a minute of chest compressions, my hands were exhausted. The kids we’ve been through will be able to do it again next time, except for the cymbals.


Applications for experience activities are free, and you must make pre-Internet reservations, not on-site applications.


This time, let’s go to the Safety Information Center of Seoul Transportation Corporation, right next to the Civic Safety Experience Center.

When we arrived in front of the PR Hall, the mascot of Seoul Transportation Corporation, Tota, welcomed us first.


As I entered, the guide greeted me and explained about the public relations officer.


First of all, start with the line that Seoul Transportation Corporation is


History of Subway


the Seoul 5th line of the estuary tunnel

Especially, line 5 goes through the Han River after tunneling under the Han River.

I was so amazed at the idea and the technology.


Types of thinking since the train was opened


Subway traffic light


Subway Model


Subway parts


The uniform worn by Kwon Sun-jong, a station attendant, during the fire at Dogok Station on May 28, 2014


And developing subway operating system


He was kind enough to explain the future safety systems.


There’s another taillight room at the exit.

I’ve been playing with it


Seoul Transportation Corporation’s promotional materials using ‘Otherta’ are displayed at the exit next to the arcade.

I’m looking forward to it when we say we’re going to sell it.


There’s also a time to explain.

If you want to hear an explanation, make sure to check it out.

There’s so much on display.

There’s something I can’t get in the picture.

Please visit and look around.


On a cold winter day, especially a family with children is very ugly.~

I think it’s too good for a family date as well as a field trip.

I also had a very enjoyable and informative time.

Visit Banpo Station Digital Citizens’ Safety Experience and Information Center a lot.

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