Seoul Arts Center


This is Seocho Tourist Information Center.

Today, I will introduce you


to Seoul Arts Center

which can see the performances, exhibitions and musicals.


– Seoul Arts Center Map


I love the architecture of the seoul arts center.



Everywhere, you can see the arts.


It is very fun.


< Opera ‘Carmen’ the 3 scene, stage 2 >


< Meditation >


I went to

< The third Seoul Beauty In Crace Art Fair > Free exhibition

which was opened from 2019.02.11 to 02.17.



There were a lot of people to enjoy the arts even in weekday.



You can take a rest while enjoying arts.



Also, you can feel comfortable.

Baby’s mother enjoyed the arts.

mother and daughter enjoyed the arts


This was good exhibition for everybody.

Seoul arts center has < the seoul arts center’s history hall >

Seoul arts center was built for the complex cultural space.


It was a space where I could understand the process

from construction to opening.


You can see the exhibitions, performances and musicals.

In addition, you can enjoy a lot of facilities.


E-mart 24 is the convenience store with the classic music.


The flower shop has a lot of flowers

with fragrance.


< Music Shop called Daehan >



You can buy some musical instrument souvenirs,

books, sheet music

Also, you can buy the music instruments.

< Korean Drama & Movie > Score

< Foreign Drama & Movie > Score


Buffet Restaurant <TRAIN BLGU>


Cafe, < Terarosa >


You can see art works of elementary school students.


You can see the purity of elementary school students.


Don’t you agree that those art works look so cute.


There is the National Gugag Center

next to seoul arts center.




You can see the Korean traditional music performance, exhibition

and the traditional music museum.


Only the traditional music museum

is not opened yet until june of 2019 for reconstruction.


–  National Gugak Center Map

You can come here


for refreshing on the spacious yard.


Through the complex cultural space

you can enjoy a lot and be satisfied with the seoul arts center.




Check below the link for Performance, Exhibition Information.




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