March 2019 Seocho Festival,Event and Exhibition


Performance Details
Period 2019.03.05(Tue) ~ 2019.03.17(Sun)
Time 20 o’clock on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday / 15 o’clock, 20 o’clock on Saturday, 19 o’clock on Sunday, 14 o’clock on 18 o’clock / * No performance on Monday.
Location CJ  Sat-Sun Theater
See ratings Eight years of age and over
Time 145Minutes
Genre Compound genre
Price R seat 90,000 / S seat 60,000 / A seat 30,000
Hosted Seoul Art Troupe
Inquiry 1577-3363
Sponsorship/consultation Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism


National Opera Company of the Magic Flute

공연 상세 안내
Period 2019.03.28(Thur) ~ 2019.03.31(Sun)
TIme Thur, Fri 19시 30 minutes / Sat, Sun 16am
Location CJ Sat-Sun Theater
See ratings See 8 years old
Viewing time 150 Minutes
Genre Opera
Price R Seat 100,000 / S Seat 80,000 / A Seat 60,000 / B Seat 30,000
Hosted Korea National Opera
Subject Korea National Opera
Inquiry 02-580-3500



Imagine John Lenon

Period 2018.12.06(Thur) ~ 2019.03.10(Sun)
Time 11:00 p.m. from December to February – 7 p.m. (6:00 p.m.)
11:00 AM – 8 PM (End of Entry 7 PM)
※ Closed 12/31 (month), 1/28 (month), and February 25 (month)
Location Hangaram Art Museum 3rd Exhibition Hall, 4th Exhibition Hall
Audience rating Full View
Genre Exhibition
15,000 won for general (age 19 or older) / 11,000 won for teenagers (age 13 to 18) / 9,000 won for children (age 36 months to age 12).
Hosted (Note) Hansol Bibikei, Culture Broadcasting MBC, Dong-A Ilbo
Subject Hansol Bibikei
Inquiry 02-801-7955

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