March 2019 Seoul Festival,Event and Exhibition


  • The Central Ceremonial Ceremony to Take Off and Harmonize for the New 100 Years of Korea
    The Declaration of Independence, which allows the whole nation to reflect on the meaning and values of the March 1 Independence Movement.

    [Event Content]
    Food and Drug Administration: Reenactment
    This event: recitation of the Declaration of Independence, reward of the Independence, commemorative speech, memorial performance

    Start date 2019.03.01
    End Date 2019.03.01
    Phone number 02-2100-3079
    Home page
    Address Seoul Special City Sejong-daero 172
    Organized Administrative Safety Department
    Free of charge (However, the person registered on the website)




DO DREAM Festival 2018


  • Start Date 2018.03.31
    End Date 2018.03.31
    Phone number 070-4334-8320, 070-4432-8155
    Home page
    Address Seoul Special City Sejong-daero 172
    Hosted by Special Olympics Korea, Homeplus (Master)
    Host (Company) Special Olympic Korea
    Free of charge




  • Comic World is an event where various events such as the Illustration Contest, the Excellence Council Contest, and the Cosplay Stage are held with the center of the club sales competition. Through the comic world event, one can create an atmosphere where one can create one’s own comics by introducing and interacting with his or her own creations, and further creating a chapter where one can share communication among comic book lovers.

    Start date 2019.03.02
    End date 2019.03.03
    Phone number 02-3142-2137
    Home page
    Address Seoul, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu
    Host Essex Technology Co., Ltd.
    Cost* 6,000 won per person (equivalent to 5 years of age)

  • * Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office next to the venue on the day of the event.
    * Group discount: One free ticket for every 10 people in a group of 20 or more
    (22 people can enter the ticket office on the same day, no credit card payment on the same day)

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