April, Seorae Village Cafe Street


We  went to Seorae Village Cafe Street where cherry blossoms are in full bloom in April. Exit 5 of the Express Bus Terminal Station and go straight for about 10 minutes. When you see a land bridge, cross the street to the other side. If you cross, you will get to the cafe street in Seorae Village.

When you get out to exit 5, you will see Seorae Park and various artistic sculptures.



Seeing this makes me want to run hard.



The cherry blossoms are beautiful on the way. Isn’t that so beautiful ?



The landscape you see on the land bridge. It’s a real place to walk.

21Now cross the land bridge.


This is Seorae Village Cafe Street.


You can see many cafes that are not the same chain stores, but that are very distinctive.


We could see a lot of French people here and there and there, so I thought this place was Korean or French, and it was quite unusual.


You can also see exotic Japanese restaurants.






I can see a lot of clothing shops here


Wine bar!

Seorae Village has expanded its business district as more Koreans visit Seorae Village to feel the French culture and atmosphere that have sprung up for foreigners, including French people. Maybe that’s why Seorae Village Cafe Street is called the best France you can find in Korea. Since Seorae Village, which is full of cafes and restaurants, that is a place where you can enjoy French home meals, stores with European atmosphere are everywhere, and in April, the harmony between cherry blossoms is like an oriental flower and a tourist attraction in Seocho, so please visit it!


-Direction- (Express Terminal Station Exit 5 )



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