May 2019 Seocho Festival,Event and Exhibition


The 10th Design Art Fair

Duration from 2019.04.25 (neck) to 2019.05.04 (soil)
11 a.m. – 8 p.m. (Close 7 p.m.)
※ Closed day 4/29 (month)
Place Hangaram Art Museum 1st Exhibition Room, 2nd Exhibition Room
Full view of the audience rating
genre display
Price: 12,000 won for adults aged 19 or older / 8,000 won for teenagers, children and infants (36 months to 18 years old)
This is the Art Center, the organizer of the My Art and Art Planning Institute.
For more information, call 02-735-4237.



National Opera Company〈Guillaume Tell〉

Detailed Performance Information

Duration from 2019.05.10(Friday) to 2019.05.12(day)
Gold 19:00 / Saturday 16:00
Place Opera Theater

Admission ratings of 8 years or older

220 minutes of viewing time

genre opera

Prices are 150,000 won for R seats / 120,000 won for S seats / 80,000 won for A seats / 50,000 won for B seats / 30,000 won for C seats / 10,000 won for D seats.

host national opera troupe
The National Opera Company of Korea

For more information, call 02-580-3500.

Sponsored/Provided Doosan, KB Financial Group, Yuyu Pharmaceutical




2019 10th Korea Opera Festival DeMuse Opera Company (Baebijanjeon)

Duration from 2019.05.24 (Friday) to 2019.05.26 (Day)

20 o’clock in gold / 15 o’clock in a day.

Place Free Small Theater

Audience rating 8 years old or older

90 minutes of viewing time

genre opera

Price of R seats 50,000 won / 30,000 won for S seats

Organizing Committee for the Korea Opera Festival, Seoul Arts Center

The Muse Opera Company, the organizer of the division

For more information, call 02-564-4898

Sponsored/sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Korean Culture and Arts Committee, and the Korean Association of Korean Opera Societies.

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