Cheonggyesan in Seocho-gu for the Spring


Hello ~

Seocho Tourist Information Center.



I’m going to introduce you

Cheonggyesan where you can take a rest in Seocho-gu

for the spring.


When you get out of the exit 2

of Cheonggyesan Station

there is the entrance to Cheonggyesan Mountain.


As soon as you get out of the exit 2 of Cheonggyesan Station

there are a lot of rape blossoms.



Jeju island is popular for the rape blossoms.

If you don’t have a time to go to Jeju island



Welcome to visit this place

where you can enjoy a lot of rape blossoms.



When you get out of the exit 2 of Cheonggyesan Station

Just keep going forward.

There are some sign.

You can easily arrive at Cheonggyesan.



Last year I went to Cheonggyesan in Seocho-gu

for seeing the autumn foliage.



This year I come to Cheonggyesan in Seocho-gu again

for enjoying the spring’s flowers.


This is a flower called azalea.

When I arrivee at Cheonggyesan’s entrance

Azaleas were in full bloom all over the bank.



There are two course.

First one is the Maebong (582m) course.

Second one is the Oknyeobong (375m) course.

Last year I introduced

about the Maebong (582m) course.


So this year I will introduce

about the Oknyeobong (375m) course.




Now I’m telling you

how to climb  up to the Oknyeobong (375m).



Before climbing up,

you should prepare the frozen water in case.



While climbing up

you can often see the sign.



This direction for The Maebong (582m)

That direction for the Oknyeobong

You can see that sign while climbing up.



You can see many flowers

and green trees in the spring season.


Like this picture.



While climbing up the Cheonggyesan in Seocho-gu



the sign indicate you where you are.

Never you get lost in the Cheonggyesan.



In my opinion based on the experience

Oknyeobong (375m) course is

much easier than the Maebong (582m) course.


the reason why is that Oknyeobong (375m) course

doesn’t have a lot of steep slope compared to the Maebong (582m) course.




That sign says that

the Maebong (582m) course takes about two hours

and Oknyeobong (375m) course takes about an hour.


In my opinion,

Oknyeobong (375m) course takes about tow hours and half with a rest time.




Why are we climbing up ?

The answer is maybe taking a rest.

You don’t need to hurry up for climbing.


Just keep your speed.

Sometimes you take a rest.



While going to Oknyeobong

there is the mineral water.



Step by step

left 850 m to Oknyeobong



Step by step

left 700 m to Oknyeobong



Step by step

Only left 400 m to Oknyeobong



Enjoy the many flowers and green trees.

It is really good for taking a rest in Cheonggyesan of  Seocho-gu.




In spite of the weekday

there are a lot of climbers.




who bring the food box and enjoy the food with a friend



Someone who climbing up by oneself


Someone who climbing up together


Many people went to cheonggyesan in Seocho-gu

for enjoying the nature.


Take a time


Finally I arrived at Oknyeobong (375m).


Some people already were there.

They took a rest in Oknyeobong (375m).


This picture is the view

of the yangjae area.




There is the View Information sign.

It is helpful to understand where it is.



It took about one hour for climbing up to Oknyeobong.

It took about one hour and half for climbing down to Oknyeobong.




I was considering to climb up to the Maebong (582m).



I already introduced about the Maebong (582m) course.

Also This is for spring climbing.

I chose to go to the azaleas ridge course.




I saw that sign.



When you climb down from Oknyeobong,

you can see the sign of azaleas ridge course.



The pine tree is reaching up.

Looks so nice.



The green of the pine looks fresh.



There are a lot of benches.

When you feel hard,

anytime you can take a rest.


Only for Oknyeobong (375m) course


There are some poem

which give you the warm message.



That place is really

good for refreshing.


Healthy for body and mind.

Climbing up in Cheonggyesan of Seocho-gu

goes for the effect of killing two birds with one stone.



I arrived at the azaleas ridge course.

However unfortunately



I can’t see any royal azalea and azalea.

I should have been here in April.



I was so sad.



But, I enjoyed the refreshing smell of flowers

and the spring flowers.



I was highly satisfied with that climb.


Maybe next year for the  royal azalea and the azalea.



While climbing down

you can see the area for phytoncide.


Phytoncide is really good for our body.


This weekend, how about climbing up Cheonggyesan in Seocho-gu ?

Good for your body and your mind !!!



There are a lot of food near Cheonggyesan in Seocho-gu.


After sweating

have a good food.




Everybody can enjoy climbing up Cheonggyesan in Seocho-gu.




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