Seoripul Art Gallery Youth Art Exhibition August ‘Hyphen’



There’s an exhibition hyphen exhibition going on at the Suripul Art Gallery.


The exhibition, joined by Lee Jang-ro’s planners and five writers, is designed to provide an aesthetic experience of the connection between human beings and space-time phenomena.


In particular, since the exhibition space itself is located in the underground passageway that connects the road to the road, we have presented works that focus on the topic of connection. The Seoriful Art Gallery has an exhibition featuring young artists every month, starting with its opening at the end of last year.



Let’s go downstairs


When you can see the entrance, just you go right in.


The main reason why modern people like and enjoy modern art is that they may have no answer, or there may be many different things. Even if they don’t follow the historical trend of the times, it’s attractive that the work that touches us has its own meaning.9

It’s similar to G-Dragon’s album cover heartbreaker.






We recommend you visit here before this August is over!

-Exhibition schedule-

○ Exhibition : Hyphen

○ Days : 2019 8.3. (Tuesday) to 8.31(Tuesday) / Tues-Sat 11:00-19:00

○ Jang So: Suripul Youth Art Gallery (underground sidewalk in front of the Arts Hall)

○ Planner: Lee Jang-ro/writer: Kim Hyun-ho, Park Joo-chan, Lee Young-hoo, Lee Chang-geun, Jang Han-sol

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