The permanent exhibition hall of the Gugak Museum was reopened in 2019


Hello, this is Seocho Tourism Information Center.~

Today we’re going to give you an update on August 20, 2019.

Let me introduce you to the permanent exhibition room of the Gugak Museum.~

The newly opened permanent exhibition is called the ‘listening’ exhibition by strengthening the ‘listening’ function!!!



The Gugak Museum, which was reopened as shown in the picture above, has a total of four floors

It is currently on display up to the second floor.


If you come through the entrance, there’s an information desk and a locker.


There’s a rest area on the right.~

There are seven exhibition rooms.

I will introduce you according to the order of recommendation.

데어즈 어 레스트 에어리어

1: Gugak Garden


This is where I listen to music.

The time is set to 10 p.m., 2 p.m., and 4 p.m.~

※Note that music appreciation requires a limit and reservation according to the total number of people watching the music


As shown in the picture, the largest musical instruments of royal protocols are on display.


2:  Sounds of Nature and Life


This is the sound of water, the sound of the sea, the sound of daily life, etc.

This is a special exhibition hall where you can listen to pre-music sounds.

3:  Instrumental Room


As the saying goes, “The instrument there” is music there.


It is a space where you can see various Gugak instruments and listen to their sounds.


4: A literature room


This is where there is a paper related to Gugak.


Sheet music20

A leprosy disease


There are books, etc.

5:  Archive room


Archive means ‘recording’, ‘archiving’ and ‘digital computerization.


It includes traditional music, dance, sound recording, and video data.27282930

You can also see various Gugak materials produced at the National Gugak Center and at home and abroad.


6:A master’s room


In the history of traditional art, the 20th century was a period of flexion.3233

The above picture shows the best days of the entertainers who kept the tradition alive even during those times.


And the instruments and artifacts that survived the difficult times.

7:Experience room


This is a playground with sound.


We can make a living coin with dice games.


You can also experience the sound level, which varies depending on the thickness, length, and tension of an object.


There’s also a postbox for your impressions


Lastly, there is a history zone where you can see Gugak history at a glance.~

It was an introduction to the Gugak Museum.~

We’ll find out about Gugak in many ways.

It was a great time to experience the musical instrument in person.~

Make sure to visit a lot when you have time!!!


Visiting hours: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Closed day: Monday and January 1st every week

Ticket fee: Free

※Be sure to check before you go!!!

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