Cheonggwon Temple good for Walking in the Fall


Hello ~

I’m Seocho Tourist Information Center.


Today I will introduce about Cheonggwon Temple

which has the grave and shrine of prince Hyoryeong.


It takes about 10 minutes from the exit 4 of Bangbae station.




This historic place is designated as Seoul Tangible Cultural Heritage No. 12.

Don’t operate on weekends and holidays.

Cheonggwon Temple opens  from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays.



This place is Cheonggwon Temple’s shrine hall for prince Hyoryeong.

Unfortunately, We can’t go inside.

Prince, Hyoryeong enjoys reading a book and is good at archery.

His filial piety was profound and he was good to siblings.

He knew about his younger brother’s Sejong’s ability.

He hide his ability for King Sejong. Just He supported King Sejong.

Later Joseon Dynasty King Yongjo respected him a lot.

Se he helped to make the name of Cheonggwon Temple.



These days the flowers and trees is in breeze.

It’s autumn in Korea.



It’s really nice weather to have a picnic.



Whenever you have a time, come to Cheonggwon Temple


Prince, Hyoryeong’s grave is located in really good place to look down whole of Bangbae area.


So, If you come to here,

you can look down the bangbea area of Seochogu.



Prince, Hyoryeong was good for parents and siblings.

I hope that many people look up to Prince, Hyoryeong.



Foliage is coming.

It’s really nice weather to walk.



It takes about one hour to look around Cheonggwon Temple.

You enjoy Korea’s autumn.

Also, you can learn about Prince, Hyoryeong’s life.

Walking is good specially in autumn.

You can see foliage only in autumn.

Let’s have a fun in autumn.

If you come to Cheonggwon Temple,

You can take a rest even in downtown.

Also, you can feel the Prince, Hyoryeong’s life.


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