November 2019 Seocho Festival,Event and Exhibition


Hoy Lang of the National Ballet

Period 2019.11.06  to 2019.11.10
Number of hours, tree, gold 19:30 / Saturday, Sunday 15:00.
Place Opera Theater
Watch rated 8 years old or older
Watch time 110 minutes.
genre dance
Price 50,000 won for first-floor seats / 30,000 won for second-floor seats
Host : National Ballet Company
Subject : National Ballet Company
For more information, call 02-587-6181.


Minhwa Tradition and Modernity

Period 2019.11.02 (toe) to 2019.11.09 (toe)
Time 11:00-1900 (Apply Closing 6:00)
The 7th Exhibition Hall of Hangaram Art Museum in Seoul
Overall viewing of audience rating
genre display
General 5,000 won / Youth (8–19) 4,000 won / Children (5–7) 3,000 won
Host Yeongwol County
Museum of Korean Minhwa, Korea Minhwa Museum
For more information, call 061-433-9770


“Maria Stuarda,” an opera.

Period 2019.11.22  to 2019.11.24
Time gold 19:30 / Saturday 1500, 19:30 / 17:00 a.m.
Place Opera Theater
Watch rated 8 years old or older
150 Minutes to Watch
genre opera
Price: 180,000 won for R seats / 150,000 won for S seats / 100,000 won for A seats / 70,000 won for B seats / 50,000 won for C seats / 30,000 won for D seats.
Host (Sa) La Bella Opera Company
Subject Soabe
For more information, call 02-572-6773
Sponsored/Cooperative Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Culture and Art Committee, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea Investment & Securities, Dongwon AHE




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