Hanjeon Art Gallery ‘Jang Dong-il Personal Exhibition & Botanic Arts Contest

  I went to the Jang Dong Il Personal Exhibition & Botanical Art Contest, which is being held from 2019.11.16 (Toh) to 2019.11.24 (Sunday) at KEPCO Art Center’s 1st and 2nd Exhibition Hall.

After arriving at KEPCO Art Center

Through the left door where the poster is displayed.

walk straight to the lobby,

You can see the second exhibition hall, Jang Dong-il’s private exhibition.

This is the introduction of the artwork at the entrance

We’ve arrived in the exhibition hall.

It was a pleasure to see the arts

There were so many wonderful works!!

I could feel comfortable and beautiful

The Botanic Contest was being held at the 1st Exhibition Hall next to it.

There are many art works about plants

Photographs are prohibited.

I asked for permission from the writer, and I took pictures of the art pieces.

You can also purchase related books after exhibition

It was a very pleasant exhibition.

Please visit and watch it.^.^

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