February 2020 Seocho Festival,Event and Exhibition

Seoul Dessert Fair

Start Date: 2020.02.07
End Date: 2020.02.09
Phone: 02-6010-8941
Homepage: https://www.seouldessert.com
Address: 27 Yangjae aT Center, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul
Hosted by North Palcomics
Service charge: pre-booking price of 3,000 won / onsite purchase of 5,000 won
Discount Ticket Reservation at Timon


  • 2020 Mozart Symphony No. 36 for Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra “Lintz”

    Start date: 2020.02.21
    End Date: 2020.02.21
    Phone: 1588-1210
    Homepage: http://www.seoulphil.or.kr
    Address: 2406 Southern Circulation in Seocho-gu, Seoul
    Host: Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, a foundation
    Subject: Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra
    Usage: 70,000(R), 50,000(S), 30,000(A), 20,000(B), 10,000(C)


Toultouz Lautre

Period: 2020.01.14 (hwa) to 2020.05.03 (day)
Time: 10:00-19:00 (Admission Closing 18:00)
※ Closed every Monday
Place: Hangaram Museum of Art’s 1st Exhibition Room, 2nd Exhibition Hall
Audience rating: Full view
Genre: Exhibition
Price: 15,000 won for general (age 19 or older) / 12,000 won for teenagers (age 13 to 18) / 10,000 won for children (36 months to 12 years old)
Hosted:Hyundai Seas Square
Subject:Made Inview, HansolBBK
Contact: 070-4104-1800

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