Voila! It is very grand in reality.




When we went there were various events going on, There is ample parking space so you do not have to worry about bringing your car.




In the Seoul Arts Center, you can experience various arts and culture (art, theater, performance music).




As you enter the entrance, the fountain is splashing out like a dragon that ascends to the sky.


Art Hall Miniature ~ The miniature is magnificent and the building is beautiful.



When we went there was an exhibition where we could appreciate the works of elementary school students


This picture shows elementary school students in fourth grade It’s called a cat.



Another student painted Steve Jobs, he painted very well.

He resurrected and came back to life.


I suddenly remember Steve Jobs saying


Only those who constantly take the risk of failure can live as an artist.

Bob Dylan and Picasso always took the risk of failure.



At the same time as the exhibition related to Gogh.

The gift shop was selling Vincent van Gogh’s good


I just bought a Van Gogh Almond wooden smartphone case.



The eco bag on a starry night, is it too pretty? It’s different from ordinary eco bags. It’s art!



Hollywood Legend Marlene Munroe Pop Art

Is this picture too pretty as her beauty?





Not only art, but various music events and concerts are also on the way. It is literally the Hall of the art !!


Perfect as a place for a date or as a healing place!


#서초가볼만한곳추천 #한국서울가볼만한곳추천 #강남역근처가볼만한곳추천

#서초예술의전당추천 #서울데이트장소추천예술의전당 #서울힐링장소추천예술의전당


January 2018 Seoul Festivals and Events

Sky Park Sunrise Event 2018





<Sky Park Sunrise Event> will be held on January 1st every year at Sky Park. It is an event to pray for the wishes and well-being of the citizens by completing the year and celebrating the martial arts year in 2018.

Event contents: Sunrise appreciation North Korea, New Year words of blessing, New Year Writing a wish, Cultural performance (Lion dance play)


Date: January. 01. 2018

Location: Mapo-gu, Sky Park-road 95 (Sky Park Summit)

Contact: 02-3153-8354

Homepage: http://worldcuppark.seoul.go.kr





Achasan sunrise festival 2018




There is the first sunrise of the New Year! The first sunrise in Seoul without having to leave the East Coast. It is easy to get to the station and it is easy to get around and the mountain trail is well maintained so that anyone who is young and old can feel the first sunrise of New Year.


Date: January. 01. 2018

Location: Walkerhill Road 127, Gwangjin-Gu, Seoul, Korea

Contact: 02-450-7575

Homepage: http://www.gwangjin.go.kr





Seoul Festival of film advertising 2018





The “Seoul Video Advertising Festival” is a Korean video festival that has been held for 14 years since 2003 and is the first on-line and off-line video advertising system in the world. This is the largest video advertising festival in Korea that allows anyone who likes to advertise to participate. This advertisement is designed to allow Korean netizens and professional advertisers to directly review and evaluate online video ads.


Date: January. 04. 2018

Location: 110, Seongjong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul (Taepyeongro 1 Ga) (Seoul Multipurpose Hall, 8th Floor, Seoul City Hall)

Contact: 02-3447-0101

Homepage: http://www.tvcfaward.com




The 14th Seoul Asiteji Winter Festival





The 14th Seoul Asiteji Winter Festival will be held from January 17th (Wed.) to January 28th (Sunday) at the University of Arko Arts Theater, Children’s Theater, and E-eum Center. The ‘Seoul Asiteji Winter Festival is a family-run performance arts festival. It is a meaningful event where not only high-quality performances but also audiences can participate.
There are a variety of programs such as ‘play with mom’ and ‘play with dad’, which provide opportunities to strengthen the bond between parents and children.


Period: January. 17. 2018 ~ January. 28. 2018

Location: Dongsung-gu, Jongno-gu, Seoul (Dongsung-dong, Dream Art Center)

Contact: 02-745-5862 ~ 3

Website: http://assitejkorea.org/










The 4th Seoul Salon du Chocolat will be held at COEX, Seoul from January 18 to 21, 2018. Salon du Chocolat is the largest chocolate exhibition in the world and is held annually on four continents. Visitors can enjoy chocolate, desserts, bakery, coffee and beverages and gelato as well as see, hear and taste the imaginative products of famous chefs.


Period: January. 18. 2018 ~ January. 21. 2018

Location: 513 Youngdong Daero Road, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Coex, Samsung-dong)

Contact: 02-6000-6698

Homepage: http://www.salonduchocolat.kr

January, 2018 Seocho-gu performance

Arts Center
2018 New Year Greeting & Sharing Concert




The ‘New Year’s concert of Greetings, which will be held at the New Korea Philharmonic Orchestra in 2018, is a new concept concert that finds the identity of Korean culture. It is a way to get away from imitating the Vienna New Year concert, It is a place to communicate and share goodwill with the Korean Wave culture. Through the chorus, it is the desire to cultivate the mind of the people by unity, not the joy and division of music.


Date: January. 03. 2018

Time: 20:00

Venue: Concert Hall

Inquiry: 02-525-6162





15th Anniversary Special Episode, When this happens, such music




This concert, which is played in the Winter Story series, which was sold out every year in all seasons, features an opera, a musical number, a ballet suite, a ballet, And orchestral music, etc. We invite young people to the scene with a concert with a special commentary that was not felt in classical performances so far.


Date: January. 06. 2018

Time: 20:00

Venue: IBK Chamber Hall

Inquiry: 02-332-5545





Musical Anna Carenina




The 20th Anniversary of the Arts Hall of the Opera House in 2018.
This performance, which will be the premiere of licensing all over the world, will become a work to inform the world of the mass art genre as a musical which is a musical created by the artistic power of Russia, the world’s most prestigious authority in the field of fine arts such as ballet, orchestra and opera, is. Particularly, the highlight of the musical Anna Carenina is the opera performances that will maximize the splendor and charm of the opera house.


Period: January. 10. 2018~ February. 25. 2018

Time: Weekdays (Tues, Thurs, Fri) 8:00 pm, Wed, 3:00 pm, 8:00 pm
Weekends (Saturday) at 3 pm, 7:30 pm, Sunday at 2 pm, 6:30 pm

Venue: Opera Theater

Inquiries: 02-541-6236






National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts
2018 Saturday masterpiece Performance




The representative brand of the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts

The finest luxury performances of Korea – Saturday masterpiece Performance

The show is only available on Saturdays from January 6, 2018 through December 29, 2018. You can see all kinds of Korean music, creative music and folk music.


Period: January. 6. 2018 ~ December. 29. 2018

Time: 15:00

Venue: Right side

Inquiries: 02-580-3300






The children’s Korean classical music <The fox eating the book>





Children’s must-read ! It meet with Korean music !!

The book “The fox eating the book” by Francesca Beierman, who won the Troisdorf Award in Germany, is a new generation of folk songs!

On winter vacation, Let’s start to the imaginary world

Period: 2018.01.18 ~ 2018.01.20

Time: 11:00

Venue: Yeack-dang

Inquiries: 02-580-3300

[Center of the shopping, Express bus terminal underground shopping center] Winter clothes shopping is GOTOMALL.


I wanted to go on a long time, “GOTOMALL.”

I knew it was connected when I got off the Express Bus Terminal Station of Line 3, but there were so many outlets

It complicates, so you have to look for the sign board and go there.

Furthermore, there is Shinsegae Department Store,

It is so wide because they are gathered.

It is the center of shopping where you can see all kinds of clothing from one place ~




“What is the GOTOMALL?”

The Gangnam Terminal underground shopping center was completely renovated and converted into 620 department store and restaurants with the latest modern facilities.

It is popular as a shopping center.




“GOTOMALL store configuration”

It is made up of lingerie, accessories, cosmetics, flowers, food and beverages, furniture, frames, and miscellaneous goods.



“How to go to the GOTOMALL”

I’ll let you know how easy it is to go to the GOTOMall.

If you come to exit 8 of Express Bus Terminal Station,

Most of them go to 8-1 and 8-2, and many people start to shop in the central plaza.



“GOTOMall Opening Hours”

From 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Fridays and Saturdays until 10:30 pm

It is open 365 days a year, so it is very good for the office workers to go shopping after work ~




Also, there is a stroller rental service for customers.

You can rent a stroller and enjoy shopping with your child comfortably ~

Please note that the stroller rental service is available on a first-come, first-served basis without reservation.

Baby stroller rental services are available from 10:00 until 21:00.

You need to bring your ID card to rent.


 “In Seoul, Cheap clothes! Express Bus Terminal underground shopping arcade”

GOTOMALL usually had a lot of cheap clothes. 

Most of the women’s clothing stores are from 5,000 won to 15,000 won.

The price of the clothes is really cheap ~ Please feel free to pay the price!


It is possible to pay both cash and credit card at the GOTOMALL.

Also, you don’t worry about exchange or refund like department store ~~~~

So far, I have learned about the center of “shopping mall” in Seocho-gu.



Shopping for winter clothes is the GOTOMALL!

Today! prepare warm winter clothes at the GOTOMALL ~

December 2017 Festivals and Events

European Christmas Market 2017


In celebration of Christmas, a global cultural festival that transcends religious meanings and spreads blessings and love, the “2017 European Christmas Market” is held to help foreigners understand the culture and emotion of Europe, We will contribute to the realization of a warm urban city with communication and empathy.

Period: December 02~03. 2017

Location: Samseonggyoro Basement 1, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea (Hansung university station, Exit 2, Fountain)

Contact: 02-2241-6381 ~ 4

Homepage: http: //www.seongbuk.go.kr

Unlimited Edition 9

Seoul Art Book Fair 2017


Unlimited Edition – Seoul Art Book Fair, which is the ninth year this year, is an event and market created by independent publishers once a year. Unlimited Editions have multiple nicknames. ‘Unlimited’, ‘UE’ and ‘UE8’ for the eighth time, ‘UE9’ for the 9th time. It will be held every year since 2009, and the ninth event of 2017 will be held on the weekend of December 2 and 3 at the Seoul Museum of North Seoul.


Period: December 02, 03. 2017

Location: 1238, Seoul (Seoul Museum of Art, North Seoul)

Contact: 02-2124-5248

Homepage: http://post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=10454569&memberNo=38188792


Seoul Design Festival 2017


Despite the increasing number of design related exhibitions in Korea since the first held in 2002, the Seoul Design Festival has been strengthening its position by showing a differentiated exhibition structure centering on designers rather than being a collection of design products in one place .

<Seoul Design Festival> aims to present desirable design solutions for the whole society through designers by creating a center for people-centered, designer-oriented promotions through the motto of “designers are assets of the future”.

Period: December.07~11.2017

Location: 513, Yeongdong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Coex 1F Hall B)

Contact: 02-2262-7200

Homepage: http: //seoul.designfestival.co.kr


Blue Christmas Jazz Concert 2017


December, A romantic and JAZZY musical ‘blue’

The three-weeks Relay Concert, Blue Christmas Jazz Concert, with 13 Korean and foreign top jazz musicians, is a concert designed to experience world-class Korean jazz and meet international jazz musicians in Korea.


Period: December 08~23. 2017

Location: Changgyeonggung Palace 35 Road 29, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Contact: 02-549-5520

Homepage: http: //theblueroommusic.com

Haeundae Lacobit Festival 2018



The 4th Haeundae lacobit festival starts the sailing of pleasant light starting from the lighting ceremony on December 1st.

The six areas including the Haeundae Traditional Market, Aehyang-gil, and the Haeundae Ward office are showing the light festival with the concept of ‘the winter and Haeundae glows down.’

Period: December.01~18. 2017

Location: Haeundae Beach, Haeundae-gu, Busan

(Haeundae Beach, Haeundae Market, Guam Road, Aehyang-gil, Youth Street, Haeundae Ward Area)

Contact: 051-714-6111

Homepage: http: //www.4hrlf.com

December Seocho-gu performance


Arts Center Vin Symphony


The Vin symphony is the biggest part of the symphony that is building the musical culture of the Austrian capital.

The prestigious orchestra Vin Symphony, which boasts the city of ‘Music’, will be performing for the second time in 21 years after the release of Rafael Frueche de Burgos in 1996.

With this visiting Korea, we will meet Korean audiences with Philip Jordan, who shook Europe’s music industry in 2014. The program is Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 and Brahms Symphony No. 1.

Period: Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Time: 20:00

Venue: Concert Hall

Contact: 02-599-5743

Art Center Concert Opera <Turandot>


You can experience the essence of opera music only in the SAC CLASSIC!

The last piece left by Giacomo Puccini, the best Italian composer of opera, Puccini’s greatest opera, Turandot.

This three-piece work is at the height of Puccini’s art world.

This is an unusual opportunity to experience the essence of opera music, and the regulated performances and performances of the performers will lead you to an unlimited imaginary world.


Period: Saturday, December 9, 2017

Time: 19:00

Venue: Concert Hall

Contact: 02-580-1300

White Christmas


<White Christmas>, a planning program prepared by Seoul Arts Center, is coming for Christmas, a special day that stirs people’s hearts.

As we received great love from audiences last year, we will visit the audience with an exciting program of film and music and admiral Kim, a young conductor who is attracting worldwide attention this year.


Period: Saturday, December 23, 2017

Time: 20:00

Venue: Concert Hall

Contact: 02-580-1300


National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts



Chun-hyang that recorded all-out sales is upgraded and comes back!

In the Joseon Dynasty,

Let’s meet the story with the sound of Kim Jeong-ok and Ahn Sook-sun.


Period: December 12~10. 2017

Time: 8:00 on weekdays / 2:00 on weekends

Venue: Poong-rew sarang bang

Contact: 02-580-3300

King Sejong’s Deity

– Deep-rooted tree, fountain deep water


The first Korean language poetry of King Sejong’s loving ideology that loves the people is a special and spectacular stage with a combination of Korean dance and music, It is a gift.


Period: December 22~27. 2017

Time: 8:00 on weekdays / 3:00 on weekends (no performances on Mondays)

Venue: Ye-ack dang

Contact: 02-580-3300

Rediscovery of the stroll Seorae Village, Montmartre Park




Rediscovery of strolls Seorae Village, Montmarte Park Seocho-gu walking course, where the good winds and autumn atmosphere look like ~

I would like to introduce it to you.

Nowadays, it is so nice to take a leisurely stroll because it is in good weather ~


First of all, you will find an exotic cafe, a famous restaurant, and the French

Seorae Village. There are many restaurants and nice places in this area.

If you take a little out of Seorae Village, you can walk alone and take a good walk for a walk.

There are maple trees and parks, and healing is done, and feeling of body and heart is healthy.  Walking from Seocho Station ~ National Central Library ~ Seorae Village ~ Montmarte Park ~

I do not know how time goes, and I fall into a walk alone!


Recommended course

Seocho Station Exit 6 – National Library – Seorae Village – Montmartre Park – Seoriful Park

Montmartre and Seoriful parks are both a pleasant walk, so you can easily wear comfortable sneakers. I walk for about an hour and my throat is dry, so if I have a cool americano drink ~ ~ Prepare for a walk

Like Montmartre, it is a park that goes well with the village of Seorae.

It was called “Montmartre” because it pointed to the seahorse town where many French people live.

There is a French school in Seorae Village which is the area where French people live the most!


Every year, in the village of Seorae, French people living in the village, local residents, famous France  musicians and students of the French school, “Han, fire music festival” and various events are held ~ ^ ^

It was so nice to walk slowly along the gentle promenade, watching the fall foliage in the middle of the city. In particular, many trees start to foliage

It was feeling to be healing to eyes and heart ~

There are such good walking courses in Seocho-gu.

It is a rediscovery of walking in Seocho-gu ^^

I have to go a lot before the cold starts.

Take a stroll along Seocho-gu with a wonderful view of autumn leaves ^^

Walking in the city where you can enjoy yourself lightly!  I recommend Seocho-gu walking course!


몽마르뜨공원 지도

October Seoul City Festival and Events

Seoul Kimjang Culture Festival 2017



 The Seoul Kimjang Culture Festival is a Seoul city festival planned in 2014 with the hope that Kimchi culture will be a venue for harmony and sharing with the world, combining tradition and modernity. You can see and experience everything about our Kimchi culture.

This year, there will be 5,000 people on the theme of “Warm Sharing, Seoul Kimjang Day”, and Kimchi Sharing  for Alienated Neighbors, Seoul Kimjang for Soaking Kimchi in our House, Kimchi Market, Kimchi Playground We have a variety of programs to touch, taste and enjoy our unique Kimjang culture.

Period: November. 03. 2017 ~ November. 05. 2017

Location: 110, Sejong street, Jung-gu, Seoul

Contact: 02-2133-0900

Website: http://www.seoulkimchifestival.com

Seoul Light Lantern Festival 2017


The Seoul Light Lantern Festival, which celebrates its 9th anniversary this year, has been transformed into the Seoul Light Lantern Festival in 2014, starting with the 2009 Seoul Festival. The Seoul Light Lantern Festival, which is held every 17 days from the first Friday to the third Sunday in November, is a representative festival in Seoul. The Seoul Light Lantern Festival, which is visited by 3 million people every year, will show beautiful and unique things by expressing various stories on the waterway of Cheonggyecheon Stream, about 1.2km from Cheonggye Plaza in Seoul.

Period: November 3, 2017 – November 19, 2017

Location: 14 Seorin-dong, Jongno-gu, Cheonggyecheon,

Contact: 02-2133-0932

Website: http://www.seoullantern.com

Seoul Dessert Fair – Choco Exhibition 2017


The largest Domestic handmade dessert fair “Seoul dessert fair”
At the 13th Seoul Dessert Fair [Choco Exhibition], you can enjoy a variety of chocolate desserts, the concept of autumn dessert design and beautiful crafts.
Bakers and dessert-loving bakery students gather to make homemade confectionery each time with a unique concept.
You can see flower craft cake, organic handmade jam, character macaroon, and lettering art chocolate.

Period: November. 11. 2017 ~ November. 12.  2017

Location: 3104 Nambu Circular Road, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

(Hangnyeoul Station Exit 1 –  SETEC Exhibition 2,3)

Contact: 02-6010-8941

Website: http://www.bookpalcomics.com

Korea’s Local Food Culture & International Top Chef Grand prix


The 14th Korea Local Food Culture Festival and 2017 International Top Chef Grand Prix Festival will bring together the development of national and international dietary life / food culture and the gourmet culture of the world from one place to popularize and acquire information exchange activities and the advantages of local organic products and food culture. We will be able to achieve globalization of our foodstuffs, such as revitalizing agriculture, fisheries and food industries and attracting tourists through the expansion of tourism infrastructure.

Period: November. 23. 2017 ~ November. 25. 2017

Location: Gangnam Daero , Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea 27 (Korea Agricultural and Fisheries Food Distribution Corporation AT Center)

Contact: 02-511-1540

Website : http://www.foodcf.co.kr

Nordic Culture and Arts Festival 2017


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea hosts the Nordic Culture and Arts Festival, which is a comprehensive introduction to the culture and arts of four Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden). Please make a reservation in advance.

Period: November. 24. 2017 ~ November. 30. 2017

Location: Changgyeonggungro 35 road 29, Jongno-gu, Seoul (JCC Art Center, JCC Creative Center)

Contact: 02-3216-1185

Website: http://nordicfest.kr

Autumn festival and Seocho-gu romantic trip !!


Good season to travel !! The autumn festival season is approaching!

There are so many festivals in autumn.

Maybe, it’s because the weather is rich and cool. Also the foliage is in season!

Are you concerned about where you’re going?

I will be introducing the autumn festival in 2017.



Please participate in many romantic trips in Seocho-gu^^

Autumn Festival 2017 with nature !! Enjoy the autumn festival along with the cool wind!

Let’s leave the fall festival before the middle of the winter season ~

Watch out for a cold!


2017 Seorae Island flower Festival goes out for the weekend !!



This weekend, Saturday and Sundday (two days) (10.14 ~ 10.15) 2017 Han River Seorae Island flower Festival is going on.

If you are interested in Buckwheat flower festivals, you can think of Gangwon-do Pyeongchang ~ Lee Hyo-suck.

It is so good news that the Buckwheat flower festival will be held in Seoul.

The buckwheat flower festival in nearby Seoul !!

Banpo Flower Festival will be held for two days during the weekends from 14th (Sat) to 15th (Sun).

In 2017, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery with buckwheat flowers.

Going out for the weekend !! ~


[Let’s take the best shot of a buckwheat flower]

The beauty of the buckwheat flowers that covered the 33,000 scale Seorae Island at night

The best shot here! Perfect memories !!

You can also rent rental accessories for free.


[Making a  buckwheat flower bouquet]

Create your own bouquet with only one world

Seorae Island, There are various kinds of fun at the buckwheat Flower Festival!

Program Schedule Saturday, October 14, 14:00, 16:00

October 15 (Sun) 16:00


[Facing Experience Program]

Sit face to face with your loved ones and portray them!


[Experience the tea of buckwheat tea]

It is time to learn how to relax and to feel relaxation in the field of buckwheat flowers

You can sit down in the buckwheat flower scenery to learn the tea ceremony and taste the buckwheat tea and enjoy your spare time!

Program schedule From Saturday, October 14 to Sunday, October 15 from 13:00 to 18:00


[Hand massage]

Hand massage is taught to a professional instructor.

Program schedule From Saturday, October 14 to Sunday, October 15 from 13:00 to 18:00


2017 Seorae Island flower Festival

Oct. 14 (Sat) ~ Oct. 15 (Sun) Two-day weekend excursion!


Come and experience the beauty of the buckwheat flowers with a variety of buckwheat flower experience programs!

A great opportunity to enjoy the buckwheat flower festival in Seoul !!

Do not miss it ^^


[Seocho Station Court Pavilion] Where the Supreme Court can be seen


Hello!!   I come to study a little bit of law in here.

I visited the court exhibition hall in the Supreme Court in front of exit 6 of Seocho Station!

It’s a strict court.

If you enter the entrance, you must check your ID at the entrance.

So you will get a visitation like this!

The place where visitors can visit is the 1st floor of east, the court exhibition hall.

There are court pavillion leaflet at the entrance to the left.

As soon as you enter the entrance. You can see the big phrase of freedom, Equality, and justice !

At 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. They give a commentary on the exhibition.

Even if you do not have a reservation, you can listen to the commentary on the same day by following the explanation time of the exhibition on that day.

[However, reservations for group visitors are essential !!]

First, I watched the courtroom.

It was reproduced by the court appearance of the “People’s Participation Court” as a model.

In addition, there is a possibility of experiencing directly in the court experience room which reproduces the court scene as it is.

Anyone who is more than 20 years old citizen of the republic of Korea can be a jury.

The jury will receive a jury envelope when it is drawn by random lottery.

In addition, the Children’s Law Experience Room  is another way to meet children

The explanation was interestingly exhibited

I recommend for elementary, middle, and high school students.

The general public and foreigners are also recommended for the history and experience of the Constitution of the Republic of Korea !!

It is opened from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 17:30.

Weekend is closed.

The location is the 1st floor of east Supreme Court [Seocho Station Exit 6].



October, Seocho-gu performance

Arts Center

National Opera Group, Rigoletto



Verdi’s representative masterpieces, “Rigoletto”, will make a spectacular opening in the fall of 2017.

This work, which revived Victor Hugo’s play “The King’s Pleasure” as an opera, is about the cruel destiny and the tragic end to the protagonist and clown Rigoletto, filled with anger and resistance to the world.

The arias who are familiar with them, such as ‘Woman’s Heart’ and ‘Nostalgic Name’, guide not only opera enthusiasts but also audiences who are new to opera, to immerse themselves naturally.

Period: October. 19. 2017 (Thu) ~ October. 22. 2017 (Sun)

Time: Weekdays 19:30 / Weekends 15:00

Venue: Opera Theater

Inquiry: 02-580-3500




National Modern Dance Team pickup stage [Man to Man]




Through the pickup stage, invited choreographers cross country, genre, and style and add diversity to the creative works of the National Modern Dance Company with their different colors and originality.

n this <Man-to-Man>, Park Soon-ho’s new work <Kyungin>, which interprets the meaning of traditional materials as modern movements, and Introducing Joshua L. Peugh’s new Big Bad Wolf, an innovative and innovative work based on classical ballet and modern dance.

Period: October. 13. 2017 (Fri) – October. 15. 2017 (Sun)

Time: 20:00 on weekdays / 15:00 on weekends

Venue: Free Theater

Inquiries: 02-6196-1619




La pau brets piano recital

제목 없음


After 12 years of long waiting time, finally we took off the veil of La pau blertz.

Blehats has attracted classical fans from all over the world with a guitarist playing an extreme temperance without external influences without the sweeping emotions and exaggerated interpretations of young musicians..

His first concert will be a meaningful stage for why he dominated all the Chopin Competitions and why critics and master pianists consider this young artist a great pianist

Duration: October. 14. 2017 (Sat)

Time: 20:00

Venue: Concert Hall

Inquiry: 02-541-3173



National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts




The collaboration of film and Korean music! A new story created on stage!

The adventure of a younger brother and sister who goes to the world of fantasy with four knees, and the essence of the splendid traditional art spreading on the itinerary!

More than 90 members of the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts will showcase the world beyond our imagination created by our colorful dance, music, video and advanced stage technology.

Period: October.04. 2017 ~ October. 22. 2017

Hours:  Tuesdays to Fridays PM 8:00

               Sundays, national holidays, Thanksgiving day (10.4 to 6) PM 3:00

               Monday Closed

Location: Ye-ack-dang

Inquiries: 02-580-3300





Pansori fairy tale series ‘Andersen’


Pansori and folk songs are the roots of Korea.

In this stage, Mouth & Hands Studio intends to present creative pansori that focuses on ‘our sound’ based on Andersen fairy tale works.

Through Pansori fairy tale, children will be able to enjoy the classic work “pleasure to listen to and imagine with ear” to adults with a new perspective of Andersen fairy tale.

Period: October 13, 2017

Time: 20:00

Place: Uoo-meon-dang

Inquiries: 02-580-3300

Seoripul Festival for 9days



Hello! The Seoripul festival which is organized by Seoul Seocho-gu is going on from September 16 to 24.

The 2017 Seoripul festival was ready to be celebrated with many festivals for 9 days from September16 to 24 days!

Seocho Tourist Information Center staffs also participated in various festival  for 9 days.

I will try to summarize the Seoripul festival which is going on for 9 days!


September 16. National Singing Show


September 17. Night of the Arts Song


September 18. Yangjae Lovers’ street concert


1September 19. Tenor Lim Woong-gyun and “Fall Concert”


September 20 Seocho Goal Concert


September 21 Hope Love Sharing Concert


September 22 Seocho Fantasy – Seocho Cultural Street Festival and Seocho Art Festival


September 23, Bang Cho Seo-rae Hanbun Music Festival


September 24th Bang-bae Cafe Alley Parade

During this 9-days Seocho Alley Parade in Seocho-gu, I had a wonderful festival every day !!

There were so many diverse and beneficial programs, but yesterday I went to the Yong-hueri festival held on Saturday, September 23.


It is composed of various programs and I have been having fun with many dogs.

The program consisted of a performance hall, a participation yard, a learning yard, and a publicity yard.

In the participatory program, a good team was presented with a certificate and trophy.

There were also selling dog supplies and dog snacks at various sales booths.


The Seoripul festival will be finished on the way to tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the highlight of the Seoripul festival, Please do not miss this café alley festival!






★Introducing newly renewed Seocho-gu & Gangnam Station tourist guide map★

Hello, This is  Seocho Tourist Information Center.

It’s going hotter in the summer, and the weather is getting colder!

I would like to introduce Seocho-gu & Gangnam Station tourist guide map newly renewed in the second half of 2017.

There are three kinds of languages: English, Chinese, and Japanese.

So let’s go to Seocho-gu & Gangnam station map.

On the map, ten tourist attractions around Seocho-gu are selected, and tourists and citizens visiting Seocho-gu are guided to make it easy to visit.

There is a detailed course description of the Around Gangnam City Tour Bus on the map.

Try the Around Gangnam City Tour Bus, where you can enjoy all of Seocho’s major tourist attractions at once!


시티투어버스 영

Because the detailed map of the underground shopping center in the Gangnam subway station is shown on the map

Foreigners can easily and comfortably shop in the complex underground shopping mall!



It is not only a guide to Seocho-gu and Gangnam Station but also a Seoul subway route map so that it can help tourists more!

If you need this map, please visit Seocho Tourist Information Center!


Seocho Tourist Information Center is open from 10:00 to 19:00 365 days a year!

(Except Korean Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day)

There are many tourist information and maps in English, Chinese, Japanese, and multilingual.


서초관광정보센터강남지도 영

Seocho-gu & Gangnam Station map would be helpful for sightseeing ^^

Enjoy your sightseeing !!

Seocho where art and culture breathe in the city center of Seoul! 2017 SEORIPUL Festival

2016 Seoriful Festival, where art createsthe festival, the festival createsgames, and gamescreate interactionsbetween people. 				Seoriful Festival is the representative urban Culture and Art Festival of Seocho-gu. The festival’s name is derived from the old name of the region, Seoriful, and was started in 2015 to integrate the cultural and artistic resources spread throughoutSeocho-gu into a festival. The 2016 Seoriful Festival is the festival’s second year. This year’ festival will has a program of 40 events taking place over nine days,from September 24 to October 2, around the art street Banpo-daero.

September 2017 !! The “SEORIPUL Festival” is held everywhere in the streets.

This year since it was first held in 2015 under the name of Seocho’s old designation “SEORIPUL” , The 3rd annual SEORIPUL festival! in this year

It will also come to “SEORIPUL” 2017 that will change the rhythm of daily life.

Finally, the September SEORIPUL Festival begins!

Let’s experience the special experience together with the SEORIPUL festival!



Let’s find out the schedule first.

SEORIPUL festival that is held for 9 days from 16th to 24th

The program is so well organized! I want to participate every day!

From September 16th to September 24th, we will be introducing the SEORIPUL Festival program!


ㆍ September 16 (Sat) – KBS national song pride

ㆍ September 17 (Sun) – Seoul Arts Center Night of Songs

ㆍ September 18 (Mon) – Yangjae Lovers’ street concert

ㆍ September 19 (Tue) – Tenor Im Woong-gyun and ‘Fall Concert’

ㆍ September 20 (Wed) – Seocho Goal Music Concert

ㆍ September 21 (Thu) – Autonomous Center Contest

ㆍ September 22 (Fri) – Seocho Cultural Street Festival & Seocho Art Festival

ㆍ September 23 (Sat) – Banpo Seorai Hanbul Music Festival

ㆍ September 24 (Sun) – Bang-bae Cafe Alley Parade



First of all, on September 16, the first day of the SEORIPUL Festival,

If you are a singer who is a hidden singer, please do not miss it!



2017 The highlight of the frost festival!

Bang-bae Cafe Alley parade.

The Bang-bae Cafe Alley Parade will take place on the last day of the 24th of the SEORIPUL Festival.

A dynamic rhythm marching in the alley of the Bang-bae Cafe!

Shake your body and mind Parade spreads out in the Bang-bae cafe alley.

Move move!

program03_photo01 (1)

On September 24th, on the day of the parade café alley parade, Traffic control is done, please note ^ ^

Bang-bae Cafe Alley Parade! I am also one of the most anticipated programs.


The 9-day SEORIPUL Festival! There are lots of different programs to choose.

We are all ready to enjoy ourselves! LET’S MOVE!!

I will meet at Seocho-gu SEORIPUL Festival in September ^^

Major Main Event Site



Way to come



2017 Seocho-gu SEORIPUL Festival

Period: September 16. 2017(Sat) – September 24. 2017(Sun)

Address: Banpo Road, Seocho-gu, Seoul

Location: Seocho-gu

Sponsors: Seocho-gu, Seocho Cultural Foundation Tel. 02-2155-8841

Fee: Free


Information Provider: [Photo] The Secretariat of the SEORIPUL Festival

Seoripul promotional Video: https://youtu.be/AjlATzmOfgc

September Seoul City Festival and Performance

Worldwide Sharing Hanmadang Festival 2017



The ‘2017 Global Village Sharing Hanmadang’ festival will be held at the Cheonggye Plaza in Seoul Square and at Mu-kyo street.

Various events such as traditional performances of foreigners and friendship troupes, various cultural programs, a ‘World Food Exhibition’ that displays and sells traditional foods from over 60 countries, and ‘World Tourism Promotion Exhibition’ Is full.

There are programs that citizens can participate in.

‘Global Recipe’ is a family unit where you can apply for an experience and cook popular foreign food.

You can enjoy the performances together in the Seoul Plaza during ‘World Costume Flash Mob’ time.


Period: September. 02. 2017 ~ September. 03. 2017

Location: 110, Seongjong-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (Taepyeongro 1 Ga) (Seoul Plaza, Mukyo Road, Cheonggye Plaza)

Contact: Dasan Call Center 02-120

Homepage: http://www.seoulfriendshipfair.org



Asia’s largest broadcasting culture festival!The DMC Festival, which celebrates its third anniversary this year, is a Hallyu cultural festival prepared by MBC of Hallyu Cultural Creator. It will be decorated with various events every day including 10 various musical performances, street festivals and VR experience halls.

Event: [Special Program]

– September.16 (Sat) K-POP Super Concert
– September.17 (Sun) Seoul Cup Super Match (OGN e-Sports Tournament)
– September.18 (Mon) Radio DJ concert
– September.20 (Wed) Special lyric time King loser resurrection
– September.21 (Thu) MU: CON Opening Special Feature A.M.N. Big Concert
– September.22 (Fri) Let’s play in Sang-am!
– September.23 (Sat) Korean music wave
– September.24 (Sun) Hall of Fame Shin Jung-hyun

Period: September. 16. 2017 ~ September. 24. 2017

Location: Sungam-ro 267, Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul (MBC Sangam Cultural Plaza)

Homepage: http://www.dmcfestival.com

[Promising Festivals] Han-sung Baek-je Culture Festival 2017


Song-pa is a city of historical and cultural history as the capital of 500 years of the Han-Sung Baek-je period 2000 years ago.

Han-sung Baek-je Culture Festival, which was held in order to reproduce the majesty and glory of the time, and to increase the cultural pride of the people, inheriting the historical culture of the Han Seong Baekje era, where the old ancient culture flourished with strong national power.

It’s possible. We are preparing ourselves to be a global festival that can be enjoyed by people around the world.

We will give special experiences and unforgettable memories to visitors through various historical and cultural experiences.


Period: September. 21. 2017 ~ September. 24. 2017

Location: Olympic Road, Songpa-gu, Seoul 424 (Bang-Lee-dong) (Olympic Park area)

Contact: 02-2147-2800

Homepage: http: // www. Hansung Baekje Culture Festival .com

The Korea & Japan Festival 2017 in Seoul


The Korea-Japan Festival  is the largest cultural exchange event between Korea and Japan held annually in Korea and Japan, which began in 2005, the year of friendship between Korea and Japan. It is Korea’s largest cultural exchange event with hundreds of thousands of Koreans and Japanese.It has many meanings such as cultural exchanges between Korea and Japan, civic exchanges, youth exchanges, local government exchanges.Through this ‘festival’, we will be able to understand the difference of Korean-Japanese culture and respect each other more and hope to grow into a symbol of friendship between Korea and Japan.

Period: September. 24. 2017

Location: Yeongdong Daero 513, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Samsung-dong) (Hall 3F, COEX

Exhibition Hall)Contact: 02-702-7775Homepage: http://omatsuri.kr

Seoul World Fireworks Festival 2017


The 2017 Seoul World Fireworks Festival, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, is a representative event of the Hanwha Group, which was held for the first time in 2000 in order to strengthen the unity of the nation and to be a place of hope and joy, It is a social contribution program and the best festival in Korea.
This year, the United States, Italy and Korea will participate. In addition to the production of flame, various other events will take place.

Period: September. 30. 2017

Location: Yeouido-ro 330, Youngdeungpo-gu, Seoul (Yeouido-dong)

Website: http://www.hanwhafireworks.com (scheduled to open in September)

September Seocho-gu Culture performance


Arts Center

Misha Maiski Cello Recital


Misha Maisky, one of the most important musicians of our time, is the only cellist who has worked with both the legendary cello masters Rostropovich and Piatigorsky.

Misha Maiski, who has inherited the emotions of Piatigorsky and the power of Rostropovich, is one of the best virutuoso of this era that no one can follow and is active in solo and indoor medicine.

In this Korean show, Maeskey will play 19th – 20th century music with the music of Schumann, Brahms, Pullenk and Britain.


Period: September.12. 2017 (Tue)

Time: 20:00

Venue: Concert Hall

Inquiries: 1577-5266



Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: Space Odyssey


A spinning space station, a black mysterious rock, an invitation to a cinematic adventure that goes beyond construction to the future beyond the imagination of mankind.

Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: Space Odyssey” is one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time.

If you have a big screen, it will be great, but if you add the sound of the members of Seoul National University and the National Choir, you will have a wonderful and unforgettable experience. 

Period: September. 21. 2017 (Thu)

Time: 20:00

Venue: Concert Hall

Inquiries: 1588-1210




Czech Philharmonic Orchestra


The Czech Philharmonic, the home of Dvorak and Smetana, and the Czech Republic’s music ensemble, which has maintained the cultural integrity of the Austrian empire, is located midway between Berlin and Vienna. It has its fourth performance in three years from 1991, 2001 and 2014 It is..

It is expected that Altrichter will embody the virtues of sophisticated sound and flawless ensemble which are breathtaking at the 8th edition of the Dvorak Symphony and the overture of Smetana ‘The Sold Priest’.

The concert is a concerto for Dvorak Cello. If you are a music lover, it is a song that makes you have more questions.

Period: September. 28. 2017 (Thu)

Time: 20:00

Venue: Concert Hall

Contact: 02-599-5743




National Cugak Center


2017 Folk Music Society Sinawi – ‘Han Young Sook Ryu (Purple) Puri’

This concert was designed to show the close relationship between music and dance to create a foothold for the revival of music music.

Based on Han Young Sook’s dance music composed of music accompaniment music used in Korean dance, I find out the origin of accompaniment music.


I will restore it and give it to the students

I would like to find out the true nature of correct music and to present the tradition of folk music society Sinawi and our musical history to the young musicians and audiences today.

I hope to be a concert where I can feel the tranquility of my body and heart.


Duration: September. 05. 2017

Time: 19:30

Place: Right side

Inquiries: 02-564-0269


Chung So-hee’s recital

getImgLoad (1)

A new repertoire of Gyakgeom’s composition, evolving and adding to evolution.

The story of Jeong So-hee’s evolution series, which is breaking the boundaries of the tradition, creation, east and west, playing various genres and performing various activities and steady performances actively, the fourth story!


Duration: September.13. 2017

Time: 19:30

Place: Right side

Contact: 02-703-6599


Feel the traditional performing arts !! “National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts”



Why do not you learn about Korean traditional music at the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts?

Today I am going to introduce a place where I can learn Korean traditional performance and feel it.

It is “National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts” located in Seocho-gu.

The National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts  has a variety of traditional music, private music.

It is a National Traditional Music Institution built to feel it

So ~ Learn more about the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts?



The National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts, which has the best performances of Jeong Band, Folk Band, Dance Team and Creative Band.

They are the main actors.

Are you curious about four artists? We introduce 4 art.


Jung Band – Passage of royal courtesy, music and fixtures


Folklore Band – Efforts to promote outstanding artistry of folk music beyond Korea


Dance Company – To develop our own dance and to spread beauty


Creative Band – Taking the Future in the World to Accept Musical Needs of Our Time

Four art troupes are so cool!  I recommend it for you!

Now ! Let’s go inside and see the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts!

The National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts has a variety of traditional music museums, reserved parties.

The facilities are very well stocked!

The Korean music museum is one of those attractions!

The Korean Traditional Music Museum is the only museum dedicated to Korean traditional music that displays various Korean music relics and musical instruments in order to see the history of Korean traditional music with a history of 1,000 years.


The size of the reservation party seems to be huge .

It is a mid-size theater with about 800 seats.

There is also a small hall with 230 seats!

There is also an outdoor theater in the Yeonhee Cultural Theater.

It has a capacity of 1,300 seats and There is a small-style indoor theater  with a capacity of 130 seats


There is an on-site restaurant in the basement first floor of the National Traditional Music Center

You can eat something.

To experience our music and culture vividly, experience is necessary, right?

The National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts has an outdoor experience area where you can experience our instruments and folk play.

Prepared Jing, Jang-gu, Kkwaen-gwali, Bug


It’s a chance to experience traditional instruments that are hard to come by.

In addition, there are various performances and experience programs every month at the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts.

If you have foreign friends visiting Korea, I think it is a place you want to introduce.

If you are visiting Seocho-gu, it is a recommended place. National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts!

A good place to experience and learn Korean traditional music. I’ve learned more about the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts.

Please visit once ! 😀


★ Access to National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts ★


Green BUS NO. 5413 (National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts / Lamian Art Hill)

Blue BUS NO. 142, NO.406  (National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts / Lamian Art Hill)

Red BUS NO. 1500-2, NO. 1553 (Lamian Art Hill / National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts)


Line2. Bung-bae Station (Exit 1) Town Bus Seocho NO. 07, Seocho NO. 15, Seocho NO.17

Line7. Nae-bang Station (Exit 3) Town Bus Seocho NO. 07, Seocho NO. 15

Line3. South Bus Terminal (Exit 5) Town  bus NO. 22

Parking space

Operating time : 08:00~23:00

Fee :Free

In the case of the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts, various performances and events are held every day and the parking space is very narrow.

I recommend using public transportation ^^


[Seocho-gu Hot Place] Gangnam Station Seoripul food truck

      Do you see a lot of food trucks these days? Do you know there are many food trucks around Gangnam Station?

The food truck zone is located immediately behind of Seocho tourist information center which is ‘Baek Jong-won’s Food Truck’ of SBS Broadcasting spot.

Many people who have already seen SBS ‘Baek Jong-won‘s Food Trucks are visiting here.

When I visited at 3p.m. on weekdays, The line was really long!

It was very difficult to choose the menu. Because there are many kinds of food which are hot dog, cotton candy, waffle, Stir-fried Rice Cake, sundae, beef bulgogi hotdog, and sandwich in food truck zone.

The delicious smell of the food truck zone stimulates the sense of smell! I wanted to eat everything ^^

After a variety of shopping and cultural experiences in Gangnam Station, How about a meal in the food truck.

Let’s visit Gangnam Station Food Truck Zone which are a lot of menus and we want to try all of these things.



How to get there: Behind the Seocho Tourist Information Center 9th exit.

No parking space.


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