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January, 2018 Seocho-gu performance

Arts Center 2018 New Year Greeting & Sharing Concert     The 'New Year's concert of Greetings, which will be held at the New Korea Philharmonic Orchestra in 2018, is a new concept concert that finds the identity of Korean culture. It is a way to get away from imitating the Vienna New Year concert,… Continue reading January, 2018 Seocho-gu performance

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October Seoul City Festival and Events

Many city festivals and Events will be held in October and November.

English, Events & Festivals, Monthly SeoCho Festivals

October, Seocho-gu performance

Arts Center National Opera Group, Rigoletto   Verdi's representative masterpieces, "Rigoletto", will make a spectacular opening in the fall of 2017. This work, which revived Victor Hugo's play "The King's Pleasure" as an opera, is about the cruel destiny and the tragic end to the protagonist and clown Rigoletto, filled with anger and resistance to… Continue reading October, Seocho-gu performance

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Seoripul Festival for 9days

  Hello! The Seoripul festival which is organized by Seoul Seocho-gu is going on from September 16 to 24. The 2017 Seoripul festival was ready to be celebrated with many festivals for 9 days from September16 to 24 days! Seocho Tourist Information Center staffs also participated in various festival  for 9 days. I will try… Continue reading Seoripul Festival for 9days