January, 2018 Seocho-gu performance

Arts Center
2018 New Year Greeting & Sharing Concert




The ‘New Year’s concert of Greetings, which will be held at the New Korea Philharmonic Orchestra in 2018, is a new concept concert that finds the identity of Korean culture. It is a way to get away from imitating the Vienna New Year concert, It is a place to communicate and share goodwill with the Korean Wave culture. Through the chorus, it is the desire to cultivate the mind of the people by unity, not the joy and division of music.


Date: January. 03. 2018

Time: 20:00

Venue: Concert Hall

Inquiry: 02-525-6162





15th Anniversary Special Episode, When this happens, such music




This concert, which is played in the Winter Story series, which was sold out every year in all seasons, features an opera, a musical number, a ballet suite, a ballet, And orchestral music, etc. We invite young people to the scene with a concert with a special commentary that was not felt in classical performances so far.


Date: January. 06. 2018

Time: 20:00

Venue: IBK Chamber Hall

Inquiry: 02-332-5545





Musical Anna Carenina




The 20th Anniversary of the Arts Hall of the Opera House in 2018.
This performance, which will be the premiere of licensing all over the world, will become a work to inform the world of the mass art genre as a musical which is a musical created by the artistic power of Russia, the world’s most prestigious authority in the field of fine arts such as ballet, orchestra and opera, is. Particularly, the highlight of the musical Anna Carenina is the opera performances that will maximize the splendor and charm of the opera house.


Period: January. 10. 2018~ February. 25. 2018

Time: Weekdays (Tues, Thurs, Fri) 8:00 pm, Wed, 3:00 pm, 8:00 pm
Weekends (Saturday) at 3 pm, 7:30 pm, Sunday at 2 pm, 6:30 pm

Venue: Opera Theater

Inquiries: 02-541-6236






National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts
2018 Saturday masterpiece Performance




The representative brand of the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts

The finest luxury performances of Korea – Saturday masterpiece Performance

The show is only available on Saturdays from January 6, 2018 through December 29, 2018. You can see all kinds of Korean music, creative music and folk music.


Period: January. 6. 2018 ~ December. 29. 2018

Time: 15:00

Venue: Right side

Inquiries: 02-580-3300






The children’s Korean classical music <The fox eating the book>





Children’s must-read ! It meet with Korean music !!

The book “The fox eating the book” by Francesca Beierman, who won the Troisdorf Award in Germany, is a new generation of folk songs!

On winter vacation, Let’s start to the imaginary world

Period: 2018.01.18 ~ 2018.01.20

Time: 11:00

Venue: Yeack-dang

Inquiries: 02-580-3300


December 2017 Festivals and Events

European Christmas Market 2017


In celebration of Christmas, a global cultural festival that transcends religious meanings and spreads blessings and love, the “2017 European Christmas Market” is held to help foreigners understand the culture and emotion of Europe, We will contribute to the realization of a warm urban city with communication and empathy.

Period: December 02~03. 2017

Location: Samseonggyoro Basement 1, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea (Hansung university station, Exit 2, Fountain)

Contact: 02-2241-6381 ~ 4

Homepage: http: //www.seongbuk.go.kr

Unlimited Edition 9

Seoul Art Book Fair 2017


Unlimited Edition – Seoul Art Book Fair, which is the ninth year this year, is an event and market created by independent publishers once a year. Unlimited Editions have multiple nicknames. ‘Unlimited’, ‘UE’ and ‘UE8’ for the eighth time, ‘UE9’ for the 9th time. It will be held every year since 2009, and the ninth event of 2017 will be held on the weekend of December 2 and 3 at the Seoul Museum of North Seoul.


Period: December 02, 03. 2017

Location: 1238, Seoul (Seoul Museum of Art, North Seoul)

Contact: 02-2124-5248

Homepage: http://post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=10454569&memberNo=38188792


Seoul Design Festival 2017


Despite the increasing number of design related exhibitions in Korea since the first held in 2002, the Seoul Design Festival has been strengthening its position by showing a differentiated exhibition structure centering on designers rather than being a collection of design products in one place .

<Seoul Design Festival> aims to present desirable design solutions for the whole society through designers by creating a center for people-centered, designer-oriented promotions through the motto of “designers are assets of the future”.

Period: December.07~11.2017

Location: 513, Yeongdong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Coex 1F Hall B)

Contact: 02-2262-7200

Homepage: http: //seoul.designfestival.co.kr


Blue Christmas Jazz Concert 2017


December, A romantic and JAZZY musical ‘blue’

The three-weeks Relay Concert, Blue Christmas Jazz Concert, with 13 Korean and foreign top jazz musicians, is a concert designed to experience world-class Korean jazz and meet international jazz musicians in Korea.


Period: December 08~23. 2017

Location: Changgyeonggung Palace 35 Road 29, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Contact: 02-549-5520

Homepage: http: //theblueroommusic.com

Haeundae Lacobit Festival 2018



The 4th Haeundae lacobit festival starts the sailing of pleasant light starting from the lighting ceremony on December 1st.

The six areas including the Haeundae Traditional Market, Aehyang-gil, and the Haeundae Ward office are showing the light festival with the concept of ‘the winter and Haeundae glows down.’

Period: December.01~18. 2017

Location: Haeundae Beach, Haeundae-gu, Busan

(Haeundae Beach, Haeundae Market, Guam Road, Aehyang-gil, Youth Street, Haeundae Ward Area)

Contact: 051-714-6111

Homepage: http: //www.4hrlf.com

October Seoul City Festival and Events

Seoul Kimjang Culture Festival 2017



 The Seoul Kimjang Culture Festival is a Seoul city festival planned in 2014 with the hope that Kimchi culture will be a venue for harmony and sharing with the world, combining tradition and modernity. You can see and experience everything about our Kimchi culture.

This year, there will be 5,000 people on the theme of “Warm Sharing, Seoul Kimjang Day”, and Kimchi Sharing  for Alienated Neighbors, Seoul Kimjang for Soaking Kimchi in our House, Kimchi Market, Kimchi Playground We have a variety of programs to touch, taste and enjoy our unique Kimjang culture.

Period: November. 03. 2017 ~ November. 05. 2017

Location: 110, Sejong street, Jung-gu, Seoul

Contact: 02-2133-0900

Website: http://www.seoulkimchifestival.com

Seoul Light Lantern Festival 2017


The Seoul Light Lantern Festival, which celebrates its 9th anniversary this year, has been transformed into the Seoul Light Lantern Festival in 2014, starting with the 2009 Seoul Festival. The Seoul Light Lantern Festival, which is held every 17 days from the first Friday to the third Sunday in November, is a representative festival in Seoul. The Seoul Light Lantern Festival, which is visited by 3 million people every year, will show beautiful and unique things by expressing various stories on the waterway of Cheonggyecheon Stream, about 1.2km from Cheonggye Plaza in Seoul.

Period: November 3, 2017 – November 19, 2017

Location: 14 Seorin-dong, Jongno-gu, Cheonggyecheon,

Contact: 02-2133-0932

Website: http://www.seoullantern.com

Seoul Dessert Fair – Choco Exhibition 2017


The largest Domestic handmade dessert fair “Seoul dessert fair”
At the 13th Seoul Dessert Fair [Choco Exhibition], you can enjoy a variety of chocolate desserts, the concept of autumn dessert design and beautiful crafts.
Bakers and dessert-loving bakery students gather to make homemade confectionery each time with a unique concept.
You can see flower craft cake, organic handmade jam, character macaroon, and lettering art chocolate.

Period: November. 11. 2017 ~ November. 12.  2017

Location: 3104 Nambu Circular Road, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

(Hangnyeoul Station Exit 1 –  SETEC Exhibition 2,3)

Contact: 02-6010-8941

Website: http://www.bookpalcomics.com

Korea’s Local Food Culture & International Top Chef Grand prix


The 14th Korea Local Food Culture Festival and 2017 International Top Chef Grand Prix Festival will bring together the development of national and international dietary life / food culture and the gourmet culture of the world from one place to popularize and acquire information exchange activities and the advantages of local organic products and food culture. We will be able to achieve globalization of our foodstuffs, such as revitalizing agriculture, fisheries and food industries and attracting tourists through the expansion of tourism infrastructure.

Period: November. 23. 2017 ~ November. 25. 2017

Location: Gangnam Daero , Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea 27 (Korea Agricultural and Fisheries Food Distribution Corporation AT Center)

Contact: 02-511-1540

Website : http://www.foodcf.co.kr

Nordic Culture and Arts Festival 2017


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea hosts the Nordic Culture and Arts Festival, which is a comprehensive introduction to the culture and arts of four Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden). Please make a reservation in advance.

Period: November. 24. 2017 ~ November. 30. 2017

Location: Changgyeonggungro 35 road 29, Jongno-gu, Seoul (JCC Art Center, JCC Creative Center)

Contact: 02-3216-1185

Website: http://nordicfest.kr

October, Seocho-gu performance

Arts Center

National Opera Group, Rigoletto



Verdi’s representative masterpieces, “Rigoletto”, will make a spectacular opening in the fall of 2017.

This work, which revived Victor Hugo’s play “The King’s Pleasure” as an opera, is about the cruel destiny and the tragic end to the protagonist and clown Rigoletto, filled with anger and resistance to the world.

The arias who are familiar with them, such as ‘Woman’s Heart’ and ‘Nostalgic Name’, guide not only opera enthusiasts but also audiences who are new to opera, to immerse themselves naturally.

Period: October. 19. 2017 (Thu) ~ October. 22. 2017 (Sun)

Time: Weekdays 19:30 / Weekends 15:00

Venue: Opera Theater

Inquiry: 02-580-3500




National Modern Dance Team pickup stage [Man to Man]




Through the pickup stage, invited choreographers cross country, genre, and style and add diversity to the creative works of the National Modern Dance Company with their different colors and originality.

n this <Man-to-Man>, Park Soon-ho’s new work <Kyungin>, which interprets the meaning of traditional materials as modern movements, and Introducing Joshua L. Peugh’s new Big Bad Wolf, an innovative and innovative work based on classical ballet and modern dance.

Period: October. 13. 2017 (Fri) – October. 15. 2017 (Sun)

Time: 20:00 on weekdays / 15:00 on weekends

Venue: Free Theater

Inquiries: 02-6196-1619




La pau brets piano recital

제목 없음


After 12 years of long waiting time, finally we took off the veil of La pau blertz.

Blehats has attracted classical fans from all over the world with a guitarist playing an extreme temperance without external influences without the sweeping emotions and exaggerated interpretations of young musicians..

His first concert will be a meaningful stage for why he dominated all the Chopin Competitions and why critics and master pianists consider this young artist a great pianist

Duration: October. 14. 2017 (Sat)

Time: 20:00

Venue: Concert Hall

Inquiry: 02-541-3173



National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts




The collaboration of film and Korean music! A new story created on stage!

The adventure of a younger brother and sister who goes to the world of fantasy with four knees, and the essence of the splendid traditional art spreading on the itinerary!

More than 90 members of the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts will showcase the world beyond our imagination created by our colorful dance, music, video and advanced stage technology.

Period: October.04. 2017 ~ October. 22. 2017

Hours:  Tuesdays to Fridays PM 8:00

               Sundays, national holidays, Thanksgiving day (10.4 to 6) PM 3:00

               Monday Closed

Location: Ye-ack-dang

Inquiries: 02-580-3300





Pansori fairy tale series ‘Andersen’


Pansori and folk songs are the roots of Korea.

In this stage, Mouth & Hands Studio intends to present creative pansori that focuses on ‘our sound’ based on Andersen fairy tale works.

Through Pansori fairy tale, children will be able to enjoy the classic work “pleasure to listen to and imagine with ear” to adults with a new perspective of Andersen fairy tale.

Period: October 13, 2017

Time: 20:00

Place: Uoo-meon-dang

Inquiries: 02-580-3300

Seoripul Festival for 9days



Hello! The Seoripul festival which is organized by Seoul Seocho-gu is going on from September 16 to 24.

The 2017 Seoripul festival was ready to be celebrated with many festivals for 9 days from September16 to 24 days!

Seocho Tourist Information Center staffs also participated in various festival  for 9 days.

I will try to summarize the Seoripul festival which is going on for 9 days!


September 16. National Singing Show


September 17. Night of the Arts Song


September 18. Yangjae Lovers’ street concert


1September 19. Tenor Lim Woong-gyun and “Fall Concert”


September 20 Seocho Goal Concert


September 21 Hope Love Sharing Concert


September 22 Seocho Fantasy – Seocho Cultural Street Festival and Seocho Art Festival


September 23, Bang Cho Seo-rae Hanbun Music Festival


September 24th Bang-bae Cafe Alley Parade

During this 9-days Seocho Alley Parade in Seocho-gu, I had a wonderful festival every day !!

There were so many diverse and beneficial programs, but yesterday I went to the Yong-hueri festival held on Saturday, September 23.


It is composed of various programs and I have been having fun with many dogs.

The program consisted of a performance hall, a participation yard, a learning yard, and a publicity yard.

In the participatory program, a good team was presented with a certificate and trophy.

There were also selling dog supplies and dog snacks at various sales booths.


The Seoripul festival will be finished on the way to tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the highlight of the Seoripul festival, Please do not miss this café alley festival!






Seocho-gu event&festival in December


Seoul Arts Center


The Great Graffiti (2016.12.09~2017.02.26)

12월 서초구1.jpg

An exhibition “The Great Graffiti” kick off on Friday, December 9, 2016 – Sunday, February 26, 2017 at the Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center featuring graffiti and artwork by worlds greatest graffiti artists. During the exhibition, several artists will  perform live painting, and works will go on sale during the exhibition.

The Nutcracker (12.17~12.25)

12월 서초구2.jpg

Korean National Ballet and Seoul Arts Center present the traditional year-end ballet choreographed by living legend Yuri Grigorovich who led the Bolshoi for 33 years. Since Korean National Ballet first performed fulol-lenth. The Nutcracker in 1977, it has become the most popular repertoire during the Christmas season in Korea, with ‘Sold Out” for the last 15 years.

Characterized by unique stage props, highly technical dance numbers and small-sized ballerina to portray the wooden nutcracker puppet, Korean National Ballet’s production will serve a feast for the eyes through Christmas scenes full of colorful dances including perfect military dance and traditional dances of Spain, Russia, the Netherlands, China and Arabia.

  • Period: 2016.12.17~2016.12.25
  • Venue: SAC Opera Theater
  • Running Time : 120 min.
  • Further Information :


SAC White Christmas Concert – John Williams Special

12월 서초구3.jpg

A beloved concert presented by Seoul Arts Center in 2016 continues this season as ‘SAC Special Stage’ with John Williams’ film music, featuring Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra. For the concert, Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, Korea’s flagship orchestra, performs living legend John williams’s film scores from Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Superman, Harry Potter, and more.

  • Date : 2016.12.23
  • Venue: SAC Concert Hall
  • Further Information:


SAC New Year’s Eve Concert (12.31)

12월 서초구4.jpg

New Year’s Eve concerts in Seoul Arts Center will mark the end of the year and greet the coming year. Various repertoires and programs, from opera arias and symphonies to traditional Korean music and fireworks, will add the fun when greeting the New Year.

  • Date: 12.31
  • Venue : SAC Concert Hall
  • Further Information :


National Gugak Center

Lady Macbeth (12.21~12.30)

12월 서초구5.jpg

“Lady Macbeth” will be staged at National Gugak Center from December 21 to 30, 2016.

Directed by Han Tae-sook, the play based on William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” from its heroine’s point of view, is an encore performance, selected as best play by 82 theater critics and 1,099 viewers among a total of 49 plays produced by the theater.

  • Period: 2016.12.21~2016.12.30
  • Venue: National Gugak Center Umyeon-dang
  • Further Information:


Winter Gugak Story (2016.12.22~2017.1.14)


‘Saturday Gugak Story’ is scheduled to show at National Gugak Center for four weeks from December 22, 2016 to January 14, 2017.

Children and adults can enjoy the performances together and it will be a great chance to enjoy various plays including creative children’s story and a hologram puppet show .

Seoul Event & Festival in November

Seoul Dance Festival (11.03 ~ 26)

11월 서울시.jpg

Seoul Dance Festival is a festival at which the dancers of all ages and art communicates can demonstrate and celebrate their talents freely.

Every year, hundreds of artists participate in the festival and it has become a popular event that many people enjoy a variety of performances.

  • Period :2016.11.03(THU)~2016.11.26(SAT)
  • Venue : Arco Arts Theater
  • Ticket: All seats 20,000 won

Seoul Lantern Festival 2016

11월 서울시1.jpg

“Historic Hangang River, Illuminated through light’

Since its inception in 2009, the annual Seoul Lantern Festival, one of the representative festivals in Seoul, is held throughout the period from the first Friday of November to the third Sunday of November. Every year nearly 3 million visitors can expect to see lanterns along the 1.2km Cheonggyecheon Stream with various things to see stretching all the way from Cheonggye Plaza and Supyogyo Bridge.

  •  Period: 2016.11.04(FRI) ~ 2016.11.20(SUN)
  •  Lightting hour: 17:00-23:00
  •  Venue: Cheonggye Plaza ~ Supyogyo Bridge (1.2km)
  •  Host: Seoul Lantern Festival Organizing Committee
  •  Further Information: http://www.seoullantern.com

Seoul Kimchi Festival  (11.04 ~ 06)

11월 서울시2.jpg

Seoul Kimchi Making & Sharing Festival is held in the area of Gwanghwamun Square. Registered as one of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Gimjang (preparing kimchi for the winter) has drawn a lot of attention from all over the world. However, the culture of gimjang is slowly disappearing, as Korean culture becomes more globalized. Seoul goverment has planned this festival to revitalize the culture of gimjang, preparing almost 20 programs divided into the 5 sections of sharing, exhibition, hands-on programs, market place and food, and culture for visitors to enjoy the festival to the fullest.

  • Period: 2016.11.04(FRI) ~ 2016.11.06(SUN)
  •  Venue: Seoul Plaza
  •  Further Information: http://seoulkimchifestival.com
  • Fee: Free (there may or may not be a fee for the experience programs)

Gyeongbuk Apple Festival 2016

11월 서울시3.jpg

will take place from November 9 to 12 at Seoul Plaza. The apples of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province have earned a good reputation for the taste and quality.

From learning about the diversity of apples to tasting varieties of apples, the Apple Festival is a great opportunity to discover more about this delicious and nutritional fruit and enjoy various events.

  •  Program

– Gyeongbuk Apple Exhibition Hall

– Mini Concert

– 4 Color Apple EVENT

– Promotional Booths

– Apple Garden

  •  Period: 2016.11.09(WED) ~ 2016.11.11(금)
  •  Location: 110, Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
  •  Venue: Seoul Square main stage

The first Korea Youth Day

11월 서울시4.jpg

The first Korea Youth day will be held in National Assembly front yard on November 12. There will be various events such as ceremony, job expo, youth movie festival and policy debate etc. It will be the day for bringing harmony and unity to a young generation in Korea.

  •  Period: 2016.11.12(WED)
  •  Venue: National Assembly front yard, main conference room
  •  Further Information: http://www.ynf.or.kr

2016 ST-BOMB (11.17 ~ 30)

11월 서울시5.jpg

1st Worldwide Exchange Project !

The seoul Theater Association will host the 1st worldwide exchange progect.

The festival, titled “ST BOMB”, started on Nov. 17 and wrapped up on Nov. 30.

The 14-day-festival will feature various plays including Korean plays and overseas highly known plays. Six works from five countries including Korea will be shown and it will be the basis of Globalization of play in Seoul.

  •  Period: 2016.11.17(THU)~2016.11.30(WED)
  •  Venue: Sejong Cultural M Theater CJ azit Culture Space Ellim Hall
  •  Host: The seoul Theater Association
  •  Fee: It varies from plays

Seocho-gu Events & Festivals in October

The Seocho Saturday Flea Market in 2016

❍ Period : March to November of 2016. Every Saturday 09:00 am to 15:00 pm

※ An opening day : Scheduled for Saturday, March 19, 2016

❍ Direction : Sadang Station (Seoul Subway Line 2, 4), Exit 11. Take an immediate right out of the exit and the market will be up-ahead.

❍ Seats: 291 Seats (Normal: 266 Seats, 5 Special Zone: 25 Seats)

❍ Content : The market is divided into different sections with goods for the general public, children and adolescents, nursery products, and seasonal items. The market also holds street concerts, creative arts programs, and other hands-on events for visitors.



Seocho Gangsan Parade & The world biggest Sketchbook (10.9)

10월 서초.jpg

The largest parade in Korea combining art and performance!

Due to the weather forecast of heavy rain on October 2, Seocho Gangsan Parade & The world biggest Sketchbook and Festival Closing Event <The Great Chorus with all people> have been rescheduled for October 9th.

Along with K-POP stars, traditional music performances, classics, opera, and a marching band will be presented all in one place! Art platform floats, Korean animation characters, and street performers will bring you a new sensation.This will be a special experience in Korea!

Further Information: http://www.seoripul.org

Banpo Seorae Korea&France Music Festival 2016 (10.1)


The 2016 Banpo Seorae Korea & France Music Festival is scheduled to be held at Montmartre Park in Seorae Village, Banpo-dong.

We cordially invite you to the Banpo Seorae Korea & France Music Festival, which offers a variety of events including performances by Korean and French artists, as well as interesting things to do and delicious cuisine to savor.

– Date : 2016. 10. 01 (SAT) 17:00 ~21:00

– Place: Montmartre Park in Seorae Village


Seoul Arts Center Schedule

Musical [Notre Dame de Paris] – Encore (10.1 – 10.3)

10월 서초2.jpg

The power of the masterpiece that lasted for eighteen years! 

Since its premiere in 1998 to the present, the musical, <NOTRE Paris de Dame>has been known for its consistent quality due to the participation of the original creators for the worldwide productions. For this Korean licensed performance, not only that the original creators will be participating but also that an even more upgraded and refined state will be presented than those in 2013 thanks to the stage set directly coming from France. As it is acclaimed by the original creators, the Korean licensed performance is expected to deliver tremendous impression through blending the power of French original with shining performance of the Korean actors.

Period: 2016.10.01(SAT) – 2016.10.03(MON)

Place: Seoul Arts Center Opera Theater

Further Information:


 Opera [TOSCA] (10.13 – 10.16)


The Korea National Opera will kick off its 2016-17 seasonal repertoire with a new production of “Tosca,” a verismo-style Italian opera composed by Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924). This ambitious comeback marks 22 years since last staging of the production by the national opera in 1994.The new show adds modern elements to the piece by setting the show in the 1930s, when World War II was brewing in Europe amid the fascist air, opposed to the original storyline which depicts the year 1800.

Period: 2016.10.13(THU) – 2016.10.16(SUN)

Place: Seoul Arts Center Opera Theater

Further Information:



 National Gugak Center Schedule

Saturday Performance of Korean Music & Dance (1.9 – 12.24)

10월 서초4.jpg

‘Saturday Premium Performance’ takes place from January 9 through December 24. Seventeen different kinds of programs consisting of traditional music, dance, and singing performances will be performed throughout the year. Nine programs are suitable for people who have never experienced Korean traditional performing arts before. They consist of court music, solo performances, solo court music performances, traditional dance, folk dance, and play. These nine programs will be staged 38 times total.

There will also be six masters’ programs comprised of performances of the maestros of Gugak (Korean traditional music), traditional dance, and play. Each program will be performed only once. Two intangible cultural asset programs also will be performed, consisting of Korean intangible cultural assets that have been added to the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List. They will be performed three times each.

Whether you are new to Gugak or an avid lover of Gugak, the Saturday Premium Performance offers performances for everyone.

Date: Every Saturday 15:00

Place: Yeakdang(Main Hall) National Gugak Center

Further Information:


Rediscovery of Honam Sori ‘Sindeulsori’ (10.2)

10월 서초5.jpg

Place: Yeakdang(Main Hall) National Gugak Center

Date: 2016.10. 2 (SUN) 17:00

Further Information:

http://www.gugak.go.kr/site/program/performance/detail menuid=001001001&performance_id=30014473

2016 University Gugak Festival  (10.4 ~ 10.19)


The University Gugak Festival will be held from Oct. 4 to 19. Anyone interested in the festival will be invited with invitation, so please contact the university.

Further Information:




Seocho area Events & Performances

문화달력 (영)

Seocho Friday Concert Schedule


Date Location Performance Title Performance band


949th 2016. 3. 4.(Fri)


Seocho Community Center Yammoyammo Concert Hanwoori Opera

Art Company

950th 2016. 3. 11.(Fri)


 Seocho Community Center Into the Class & OST Seoul Royal Symphony


951st 2016. 3. 18.(Fri)


 Seocho Community Center Flamenco Carmen Korean Flamenco Association Dance
952nd 2016. 3. 25.(Fri)


 Seocho Community Center Healing Concert

with Explanation

Myeong Healing Ensemble Chamber Music


2016 Seocho Saturday Flea Market Open

❍ Date : 2016. March~November  every Saturday  09:00~15:00 (35th)

※ Open Date : 2016. March 19 (Sat)

❍ Operating Section : Approximately 480m, Sadang Station~Bangbae Lotte Castle Artemio(Apt)

❍ Seats : 291 seats(General sale 266 seats, 5 Special Zone 25 seats)

❍ Facilities : 6 ZONE‧Performance Zone‧Hue Café, Monthly theme Market


Seoul Arts Center Performance Exhibition


National Ballet Company ‘La Bayadere’ (March 30 ~ April 3)

공연 1

2016 National Ballet company’s first work ‘La Bayadere’ is playing at the Seoul Arts Center opera theater from March 30 to April 3.

‘La Bayadere’ means dancer of India in French, it shows Indian royal household set in exotic and mysterious works that can see the dramatic content and the classical choreography. You can expect a splendid stage and 200 pairs of clothes, appearing around 120 dancers in this work and will give you a fresh experience of art.

Reservation: http://c11.kr/4pq


Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra & St. Thomas Choir ‘Matthew Passion music by Bach'(March 16)

공연 2

Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra & St. Thomas Choir hold fourth performance on March 16. Bach was the music director of St. Tomas Choir from 1750 to 1723 and motet, a cantata, Matthew Passion music was premiere of this Choir, and Mendelssohn, who found the Bach’s ‘Matthew Passion music’ and resurrected, was conductor of the Gewandhaus Orchestra for his whole life. They have been performed together after all. I hope you can have chance to enjoy the music this time

Reservation: http://c11.kr/4pr


The Promise, a novelist ‘Early spring, Late winter’ (March 20 ~ March 27)

공연 3

The creative writer play ‘Early spring, Late winter’, which premiered in 2012 is performing from March 20 to March 27 at Towol Theater Arts Center cj. Poet Yun Dong-ju life dreamed of freedom and independence in an era of turbulence and tragedy through young people served with Yun’s poetry, There will be song and dance stage in a combination of these works.

Reservation : http://c11.kr/4ps

2016 SAC on Screen March (March 22 ~ March 25)

공연 4

To celebrate the ten million visitors of the ‘sac on screen’ business since 2013, there will be a special showing of the Opera Theater. If you don’t make a reservation quickly, you might miss it due to free of charge. If you don’t want to miss it, you’d better hurry up.

Reservation: http://c11.kr/4pt


The Play `The Train Came from the Past` (March 22 to April 17)

공연 5

22 March, The Play `The Train Came from the Past` is being performed in Small Freedom Theater, Seoul Arts Center until April 17. An armistice agreement was signed in 1953 and the refugees in the train from Busan to Seoul go into 2014 by time change. The play is about this interesting and meaningful story.  You can expect well-made story and enthusiastic performance.

Reservation: http://c11.kr/4pu


Culture day in March ‘SAC Artist Lounge’

공연 6

March, The day of culture, Artist lounge is scheduled to be able to conduct a nice performances such as Saint-Saens’ ‘Havanaise’, ‘Elgar’ ‘Salut D Amour’, Smetana’s ‘From my homeland No2 Moldau’ used classical music and Sir Ian Clarke’s ‘Hypnosis’, Coulter’s ‘Danny Boy’ etc..

Reservation: http://c11.kr/4pv


Munchner Knabenchor (March 30)

공연 7

Munichyouth chorus’sfirstconcert onMarch30that the concert hallopen.

A strict boys before age six to 14 years from transformer are training in the choir sing in music. Michael Jackson, Abba, Queen from Vivaldi to experience a great voice of a wide variety programs. And on March 31, from London ‘Rivera, youth chorus performance’ also said to you, you can check with me at the concert hall.

Reservation: http://c11.kr/4pw

Landscapes of Impressionism ( ~ April 3)


Collecting great artists of Impressionism is loved most in the country to bring together. Techniques by Manet, Monet, Cezanne, Gauguin and Van Gogh and able to check the flow of change and development. Take a walk to see an impressionist, everything about now!

Reservation : http://c11.kr/4px

Opening Exhibition of Seoul Arts Center Calligraphy Museum : Tongil! ( ~ 4.24)


Celebrating the reopening of Seoul Calligraphy Museum at Seoul Arts Center, the exhibition “Tongil” will be held from March 1st to April 24th. Seoul Calligraphy Museum, opened in 1988, is the world’s first-ever exhibition venue dedicated to calligraphy. It had been closed for a year for renovation purposes, and now it reopens with renewed collection of traditional and contemporary works.


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