[Seocho-gu Hot Place] Gangnam Station Seoripul food truck

      Do you see a lot of food trucks these days? Do you know there are many food trucks around Gangnam Station?

The food truck zone is located immediately behind of Seocho tourist information center which is ‘Baek Jong-won’s Food Truck’ of SBS Broadcasting spot.

Many people who have already seen SBS ‘Baek Jong-won‘s Food Trucks are visiting here.

When I visited at 3p.m. on weekdays, The line was really long!

It was very difficult to choose the menu. Because there are many kinds of food which are hot dog, cotton candy, waffle, Stir-fried Rice Cake, sundae, beef bulgogi hotdog, and sandwich in food truck zone.

The delicious smell of the food truck zone stimulates the sense of smell! I wanted to eat everything ^^

After a variety of shopping and cultural experiences in Gangnam Station, How about a meal in the food truck.

Let’s visit Gangnam Station Food Truck Zone which are a lot of menus and we want to try all of these things.



How to get there: Behind the Seocho Tourist Information Center 9th exit.

No parking space.


Seoul Event & Festival in July

 2017 Sinchon Watergun Festival (07.08-07.09)


Sinchon Water Gun Fight Festival started as a fun festival in Sinchon. Visitors can enjoy fun activities reflecting unique ideas, various artists’ participation, and local features to cool off from the summer heat. People of all ages and all nations gather to join in this fun festival through the simple water gun.

Program Details

– Alien ship landing in Sinchon
– Alien’s new weapon: Water attraction
– Alien parade
– “Fever Time” Bubble Party
– Galaxy DJ Performance

Period: July 08- July 09, 2017 / 10:00-19:00

Location: Area of Yeonse-ro road in Sinchon

Contact: + 82 2 1522 9223

Seoul Dessert Fair – Watermelon 2017


Watermelon all over! The crazy swatermelon festival is back!

What is Seoul Dessert Fair?

‘Dessert in life!’ Seoul Dessert Fair is a unique exhibition where one can find all kinds of various desserts all over the peninsula in one place.

We bring you region-special snacks and desserts with unique shape and taste that you cannot find anywhere else every month. Together with dessert artists both here and abroad, we bring to you the finest and sweetest fair with great themes and various things to see.

Program: Watermelon desserts, Beautiful macaron, Homemade bakery, Handicrafts

Period: July 15 ~ July 16, 2017

Venue: Seoul Subway Line 3 Hangnyeoul Station (Exit 1)  SETES  Exhibition Room 1,2,3)

Contact: 02-6010-8941

Website:  http://www.bookpalcomics.com


Seoul Fringe Festival 2017 (07.19-07.22)


Seoul Fringe Festival, the most representative independent arts festival of Korea, is held annually to support indie culture by introducing various genres of artists and artworks. Festival-goers can meet many works of operations, and through the various methods of attempt and communication channels used, explore the charm of dances, plays, music and more at the festival venues throughout the city.

Period: July 19 ~ July 22, 2017

Location: World Cup Stadium Station (Subway Line 6), Exit 1 or 2.

Contact: + 82 2 325 8150

Website: http://www.seoulfringefestival.net


Hangang Summer fesitval 2017


Hangang Summer Festival, also called Hangang Mongttang Festival, is a large-scale riverside culture festival, and the representive summer festival of Seoul. It consists of about 80 programs including camping, water leisure sports, circus, music concert, movie concert, street performances, bike-riding, paper-boat sailing, fire art, traditional performances, night market, and others, organized by the Hangang Project Headquarters, and various civic organizations. Every type of visitor can enjoy the festvial in Hangang Park with the multitude of programs.

Period: July 21 ~ August 20, 2017

Address: 257, Gangbyeonbuk-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

Location: 11 different locations of Hangang River and Parks

Contact: +82 2 120

Website: http://hangang.seoul.go.kr/project (Korean Only)


Rain Festival (07.27-07.29)


2017 Rain Festival. Stroll around the seoul Square in front of Seoul City Hall, you will find bands playing, movies screening, markets selling during festival.

Period: July 27~ August 29, 2017

Location: Seoul Square

Transportation: The festival takes place at multiple locations around Hangang River

Contact: + 82 2 2133 4764

Website:  http://festival.seoul.go.kr/water


Seoul Event & Festival in June

Changdeokgung Palace Moonlight Tour 2017


As part of the Creation of Living Palaces project, the Changdeokgung Palace Moonlight Tour offers a unique opportunity to witness and experience palatial beauty. The tour begins from the main gate, Donhwamun Gate (돈화문), and continues on for approximately two hours through Injeongjeon Hall (인정전), Nakseonjae (낙선재), and Huwon (후원, meaning “secret garden”).

Initially built as a royal villa, Changdeokgung Palace became the central governance compound during the Joseon Dynasty after the former principal palace, Gyeongbokgung Palace, was burned to the ground during the Japanese invasion in the 16th century. In addition to its political significance, the palace is known for its aesthetics and architecture, set against breathtaking natural scenery. In 1997, UNESCO designated Changdeokgung Palace as a World Cultural Heritage site.

  • Period : June 1, 2017~ November 5, 2017
  • Venue : Changdeokgung Palace Area
  • Website : http://www.cdg.go.kr


Seoul Drum festival 2017


Seoul Drum Festival is one of the representative international festivals in Seoul and offers hands-on activities through which participants of all ages can joyfully experience percussion in person.

* Programs: Invited artists’ performance, drums and percussion exhibition·experience, Citizen’s drum performance, etc.

  • Period : June 2, 2017~ June 3, 2017
  • Venue : Gyeonghuigung Palace
  • Website : www.seouldrum.go.kr


Latin American Festival 2017


The Latin American Festival will take place at the Seongbukchon Fountain Square on June 10, 2017. Try different and unique foods, peruse different goods from South America, and observe traditional Latin American folk performances. There will also be a dance concert, beer-drinking competition, and other events.


KKF Pet Festival 2017


KKF Pet Festival is a big event taking place at the AT Center this year from June 9th till 11th. The program of the festival includes pet goods exhibitions, FCI International Dog Show, a pet beauty contest and fashion show etc. We warmly welcome everyone to join us!


Seoul international book fair 2017


Seoul International Book Fair is a 5 day event being held from 14th June to 18th June 2017 at the COEX Mall in Seoul, Korea. This event showcases products like greeting cards, stationary, travel books, maps, globes, business and financial services for retailers, professionals related to security systems etc. in the Education & Training, Paper and Paper Products, Printing & Publishing industries.


The Electricity Museum “Light to the world, Love to the neighbor”


There is Electricity Museum nearby Yangjae Station (Seoul Subway line 3 or Bundang line). It takes around 30 minutes to get there from Gangnam Station.

The electricity museum was established and by KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation) to organize and keep its history well. Also it is an educationally efficient space because its contents are not only about electricity but also about Korean modern and contemporary history.


You can walk straight from the exit 5 of Gangnam Station, however it is closer form exit 1 of Yangjae Station.

When you walk around 5 minutes from Yangjae Station, you can see the KEPCO.

The museum is located on the right side of the building.

The Art center gallery is on the first floor, and the electricity museum is on the third floor.


The exhibition hall on the third floor is divided into two sections about the history

of electric power and modern electronic power.


In the center of the museum, you can see the exhibit that recreates the historic moment of Korea’s first lamp using electricity.

Electricity was first adopted by King Gojong of Joseon in the late 19th century. He signed a contract with Edison Illuminating Company in 1884 to construct an electricity plant inside Gyeongbokgung Palace.

The first exhibition hall focuses on the history of electric power from the birth of electricity to its development.

A number of displays show the life of the rural areas after the electricity was available. It brought a huge change to people’s daily life.


Also it was useful to know various information about coal-burning power plant, hydroelectric power plant as well as Nuclear power plants.


There is a space for KEPCO introducing its history and the business strategy for the future. It was good to look back on footprints of electric power industry in Korea.


I could see Edison’s inventions.

In modern electricity hall, visitors can learn easily about electricity by touching and feeling. Especially it seems to offer a fun experience for children.

It was very interesting to know about the electromagnetic waves in everyday life.

Even those who are not interested in could enjoy.


The pictures can help visitors better understand the principle of the plants.

There are many displays to introduce KEPCO’s New vision for opening the new world for hope. Creating new future values with creative and harmonious energy and opening the world of clean and convenient energy.

The electricity museum was very well organized with abundant materials, and it is worth a visit.

It was a good chance to think about the importance of electricity.


– Visitor’s Information –


Location: Exit 1 of Yangjae Station (Seoul Subway line 3 or Bundang line)

Admission is Free

Operating Hours : 10:00~18:00

Closed on Every Monday, Lunar New Year’s Day, Chuseok Holiday



The best place for an outing! Sin Banpo Park & Montmartre Park


April is the best time to enjoy spring flowers..

Yeouido is well-known for cherry blossom festival, however it is mostly too crowed with people. In Seocho-gu, there is a place where you can enjoy spring flowers taking a leisurely walk in the park. Sin Banpo Park & Montmartre Park!

You can get to the park easily by bus or subway.

Take bus number 740 in front of Gangnam station exit 9 or subway line 9 in Sinnonhyeon station to express bus terminal.

When you get out through exit 5 of express bus terminal station, you can see Sin Banpo Park. Flowers were blooming everywhere~ I felt that spring is just around the corner


Many people were walking enjoying flowers or taking a rest on the bench.

It was so comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

Golden bell and cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

Seeing those beautiful flowers made me feel so happy and warm~

You can see a bridge when you walk along Banpocheon stream from express bus terminal station.

Seorae Village is located in the opposite side.

It is home to about 560 French people, roughly 40% of the French community in South Korea.


The area has a large concentration of European-style restaurants and dessert cafes, as well as wineries and cafes stand along its main street.

Montmartre Park takes around 10 minutes on foot from Bangbae middle school.


The park was full of sweetly scented flowers, including cherry blossom, golden bell, magnolia etc.

It’s more like a walking course where you can stroll up and down the hill.

It is fit for a cozy picnic on a hill.


Also you can find cute rabbits on this park.

As the weather is getting warmer, you might see more rabbits running.

The famous french poems are placed throughout the park.

It is the best place to appreciate great poems and relax.

It was enjoyable time with a nice weather~also good to introduce Seocho-gu’s hot place !

If you are looking for a place to take a walk in quiet and peaceful atmosphere, Montmartre Park will be the best choice ~


Banpocheon stream – in front of exit 5 of express bus terminal station

(subway line 3,7,9 )

Montmartre Park – 10 minutes on foot from Seocho station exit 6

or 10 minutes on foot from Banbae middle school in Seorae village

+Seorae Village – take bus (Seocho 10) infront of exit 9 of Gangnam station, get off at Banpo Sports Complex (5 minutes on foot)

‘GOTO MALL’, A variety entertainment and dinining place

Express Bus Terminal has been refreshed for new year.

Below photo is how you can get inside. Walk towards the exit 3,4,5,6 of express bus terminal station.

Take the escalator up, Shinsegye Department Store is on the left side and ENTER-6 Shoppong Mall is on the right side.

There are various food outlets include coffee shops, korean and western restaurants in the mall.

Among restaurants, a small rice cake shop caught my eyes.

It’s called ‘”Dungsil Chapssaldduk”. It is Glutinous rice cake shop which started in Jecheon-si, Chungchungbuk-do in 1965 and it makes rice cakes with traditional method using high quality homegrown sticky rice and red beans.

In 2015, it was introduced by a television program and selected Korea’s top 10 restaurants.

고투몰10.JPGYou can also find different stores for stationery and suitcases.

It is well equipped with various facilities such as sauna, jjimjilbang (Korean dry sauna), beauty salon etc.

고투몰13.JPGIt is easy to find the place as directions are clearly signposted.

If you walk to the gallery, you can see the exit 9 for express bus terminal underground shopping mall. It is very popular place for both locals and tourists and there are a lot of shops for clothes, fashion accessories as well as interior pieces.


Underground shopping mall has some flexibility of closing hours for visitor’s convenience.

It was well marked for places around the station.

Express Bus Terminal is accessible by three subway lines (#3, #7 and #9) and offers by a wide variety of stores and businesses (retail & wholesale distributors specializing in clothing, wedding planning, window furnishings, and flowers). And the Central City Terminal provides coach bus service from Seoul to cities across Korea. Bus ticket office is located outside the gate 3 from Shinsegye Department Store.

A new food court called “Famille Station” is also located Central City. (beside the express terminal) There are a bunch of food and snack options as well as various small pop shops. After it has renovated, it turned into a modern and an exotic atmosphere. Floor Map at the enterance also helps you to get your bearings.

There are wholesale shops for marriage supplies, flowers and Hanbok in the upper floors of the Kyungbu Line terminal.

It is one stop shopping mall where you can find everything you need from a wide variety of food to eye-catching shopping items.

Please come visit and enjoy ~ it is truly a heaven for all foodies with great fun !


Seoul Subway Lines 3 7 9 Express Bus Terminal Station

Operating Hours


Seoul Event & Festival in January

Seoul Dessert Fair (2016.12.31 ~ 2017.1.1)


The biggest handmade dessert fair in Korea, “Seoul Dessert Fair” Micro-enterprises and dessert-loving baking majors participate to show you the most loving and delicious dessert with each different concepts.

This time, the main theme is “international desserts” All participates will display their best artworks of flower designed cakes, organic jam, character macarons, lettering art chocolates and ect. The event will include dessert booth, handicraft booth, enterprises booth, photo zone and diverse activities on scene where you can earn prizes as well as great joy!

ARKO Contemporary Orchestra Music Festival              (2017. 01. 23)


ARKO Contemporary Orchestra Music Festival is now in its 8th year and hhas been held to develop Korean creative music, sponsored by the committee president of Arts Council Korea and ARKO Contemporary Orchestra Music Festival Organizing Committee.

  • Programs

– Park Seongmi: ‘Song of Lamento’
– Seo Hongjun: ‘‘Mandalas’ for Symphony Orchestra
– Lee Sueun: ‘Stone, Spring and Stream’
– Jeong Miseon
– Chi Cheonri: Imaginations
– Han Jeongim: Piano Concerto ‘Arari’
* Refer to the official website for more information.

 GT Tower in Gangnam station – Ice Rink


Ice Rink inside GT tower runs every day from 10 am to 12 pm, 1 to 3 pm, 4 to 6 pm and 7 to 9 pm each except Monday for skating class. Admission Fee varies in time and age from 4,000 won to 8,000 won and skate rentals are 5,000 won. Reservation is required through website. (gttower.co.kr)

  • Period: Dec. 1st ~ the end of February (For 3 months)
  • Everyday  10:00 AM ~ 9:00 PM (Last Admission for night is at 4 PM.)
  • Contact:  02-590-2440~1
  • Address: GT TOWER, 411, Seocho-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul
  • Website:  www.gttower.co.kr

Seoul Arts Center –  ICE RINK OPEN!!                      (2016.12.09 ~ 2017. 02.12)



  • Period: 2016.12.09(Fri.) – 2017.02.12(Sun.)
  • Operating Hour: Sun. ~ Sat. 10:00-21:00 (Every 4th Monday  is closed: 12/26,1/23)
  • Location: Seoul Arts Center Music Hall Ice Rink
  • Admission Fee: Pre-school children (5,000, Group 3,000) Students (6,000, Group 4,000) Adults(8,000, Group 6,000) (Advanced reservations required for more than 20 people.)
  • Online ticket reservation site: www.sacticket.co.kr
  • Contact: 070-4367-0603

A place where live knowledge and information is, National Library of Korea


National Library, founded in 1945, is a comprehensive and treasured repository of national literature from domestic publications to digital information that has been systematically organized for all citizens.


National Library is 10 minutes walk from Seocho Station (Exit 6) to Express Bus Terminal Station.


National Library is divided  into main building, digital library,  preservation center and training facilities.


There are lockers to deposit belongings and information center for ID registration.

To use materials maintained at the Library, you can sign up for membership on the website and get a library card.


Once you get one-day library card, you can leave your personal belongings in the locker room except valuables and writing materials.


When you pass of entrance gate, you can use materials.                                                               The main building has 6 floors.


It was well equipped with facilities such as rest-room, water purifier and sound isolation booths as well as photocopy room to copy data. It was very impressive to see various user friendly facilities


Accessible Room for the disabled, Information service and Main circultion are on the first floor.

On the second floor, there is Literature and information center for modern literature.


It was very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere to use materials.

It was very well organized with space to read books and to look out the window.


Serial. Government publications. Newspapers for third floor and Humanities. Social. Natural Sciences for 4th floor.

There were many people looking up data or studying hard, and it was so quiet that not even a breath was heard.


On the 5th floor, you can find Maps & Geography, Donated personal collections and Information center on North Korea.

Especially Maps & Geography center, you can see various kinds of maps and geographical materials from different cities and all over the world.


Information center on North Korea is ran by Ministry of Unification so you need to register to access North Korea-related or Special materials, North Korean Newspaper, stamps and money etc. And it is not allowed to take photos inside.


6th floor is for Old & Rare Books. Old books and genealogy, original copies of old books and Chinese and Japanese old books are available to view.(Reservation necessary for some books.)

Various exhibitions being held every month offer different experience to visitors. The library currently has a exhibition “Dictionary of the Joseon Dynasty” until the end of January.


You can go into Digital Library Information Commons from the first basement level. It was a good experience to see several paintings exhibited in the aisle.


This place has all kinds of facilities for visitor such as Seminar Room, Laptop Zone, IPTV, Media Center, Studios(UCC/Video/Audio) etc.

There were many people using and searching for material at digital library.         Prior reservation is required for use of Digital Reading Hall,Media Center and Media Editorial Room.


You can enjoy the meal at the restaurant of the Librarian Training Institute located next to the main building. It is good place to have affordable and delicious food.


It will make good mood to have a cup of tea or coffee at a nice cafe in the library.


I hope you could soon visit here. It will be a great place to take some time off to get recharged batteries or refresh yourself.


Library Use

  • Opening Hours: 09:00-18:00
  • Closed: Every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month                                                           National holidays except for Sundays (but, closed on Sundays within                               New Year’s holidays and Korean Thanksgiving Day holidays)
  • Entrance: Anyone aged 16 and above who wants to use materials maintained at the Library for the purpose of information use, survey, research, etc. can enter the library. (Exceptions: Those authorized by the Chief Executive)                                                               (For foreigner – Passport or alien registration card needed)


Seoul Event & Festival in December

2016 European Christmas Market

12월 서울시1.jpg

Come check out the European Christmas Market from December 10-11 at Hansung Univ. station’s fountain square.

This event will be sponsored by the Ukranian, Czech, German, Swiss, and other European embassies and is meant to give people a glimpse into the European Christmas culture through foods and popular Christmas items.

To add to the festive mood, caroling performances as well as acoustic performances of European music, jazz music, and traditional music will be performed for the enjoyment of visitors, tourists, and locals.

  • Event Dates: Dec. 10~Dec. 11, 2016
  • Address: 136-032 Seongbokcheon Fountain Square, Seongbok-gu, Seoul
  • Phone: 02-2241-6381~4
  • Website: Seonbuk-gu Global Village Center http://global.seoul.go.kr

2016 Seoul Design Festival

12월 서울시2.jpg

Seoul Design Festival features a design-specialized exhibition managed by Monthly [DESIGN]. The festival has been playing a role as a messenger in the design field for 40 years. Although the number of design-related exhibitions has increased since the first event in 2002, Seoul Design Festival has built distinguished exhibition compositions centered on designers, not like others that feature an exhibition collecting design products at one place.

  • Period: Dec. 7(WED) ~ Dec. 11(SUN), 2016
  • Address: Samseong Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 5 or 6.
  • COEX is directly connected to the station. (COEX Hall B)
  • Times: 10:30-19:00 (Last admission one hour before closing)
  • Sponsors / Management : Design House Inc. / Monthly [DESIGN]

Geumson Festival

12월 서울시3.jpg

Art, crafts, accessories and much more – it’s all here at “Seoul Geumson Festival”(“Geumson”; hand with good  craft skill) , a massive two-day celebration of creativity attracting various young artists, designers and craftspeople. The festival will be held with different themes every time.

Please join this fun festival if you are interested in!

  • Event Dates: Dec. 3 ~ Dec. 4, 2016
  • Address: 27, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul (Yangjae aT Center)
  • Phone: 02-6010-8941
  • Admission Fee: 5,000 Won

Lotte World Christmas Miracle

12월 서울시4.jpg

Lotte Word Christmas Festival will be held from November 12 to December 31 with ‘Happy Christmas Party’ taking on a “White Christmas” theme. Visitors can see Christmas decorations hung everywhere at the festival site, as well as a snowman photo zone at the Santa Village.

Santa Claus who came down from Santa land and fairies are dancing and singing; a variety of special Christmas parties offering dreams and love!

  • Period: Nov. 12 (SAT) ~ Dec. 31 (SAT), 2016
  • Address : 240, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul (Line Number 2, Jamsil Station)
  • Location : Lotte World
  • Phone : 02-411-2000
  • Website : http://www.lotteworld.com

Pilsner Fest 2016 (in Seoul)

12월 서울시5.jpg

Pilsner Fest 2016 in Seoul !

It is the best chance to taste many different kind of beers and there will be various fun things to enjoy such as Main dish, Snack Bar, talk show and experience program. At the festival, beer sommelier will give some useful tips and travel writer will also meet people and tell Czech travel story.

The headquarters for Korean traditional performing arts !


I would like to introduce Museum of Gugak located inside of National Gugak Center.

As there is a growing interest in Gugak from foreigners, I recently had several chances to give information about gugak center to visitors.

It is easy to take green bus 5413 in front of exit 3 of Seocho Station, subway line number 2. Then get off at Seoul Arts Center Station. National Gugak Center is located on the right side of Seoul Arts Center.


Opened in 1995, the Museum of Gugak has served as an active Gugak educational center with its permanent exhibitions and special exhibitions with in-depth topics. In 2011, the remodeling project was executed in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the National Gugak Center, revamping it into 6 exhibit halls with 7 different themed halls, and the center was reopened in August 2012.

The 6 permanent exhibit halls with 7 themes house various Gugak instruments and over 250 Gugak-related audio and video archives, as well as 3D Visual Image screens 3D animations.

You can see musical instruments used in the royal court and dance through model in the main hall. There are seven permanent exhibition hall on the second floor.


The first stop is Archaeological Records Hall.

You can see the evolutionary process of musical instruments, from ancient instruments used as a tool for communication to musical instruments with different pitches.

The exhibit includes excavated artifacts and musical instruments from archeological sites as well as mural paintings from paintings from royal tombs dating from the Goguryeo kingdom. The process of manufacturing a gayageum is displayed in ‘Gayageum Workshop’.

In the music of common hall, you will see the diverse kinds of music for common people includes labor music, ritual music, and entertainment music.


Music of the Literati, the elegant music of the seonbi, the literati who led philosophy and cultural developments of the Joseon dynasty, is introduced. A pungnyubang-sites where aspects if literati culture such as music, poetry and literature were nurtured-has been recreated here for visitors to experience the artistic environment of the pungnyubang.


The musical accomplishments of Sejong the Great are outlined here. Among his achievements is the appointment of musicologist Park, Yeon to rearrange and develop indigenous Korean Neo-Confucian court music and ritual music that were distinct from Chinese influence.

In this room, the story of the institution and musicians of the Jangakwon, the Joseon-era administration in charge of court ritual and banquet music and dance, is displayed. The musical instruments of the last court musicians are exhibited.


This is Modern and Contemporary Music Hall. It focuses on the history of the National Gugak Center, including details of the lives of contemporary and historic gugak masters, sound recordings, and new compositions as well.


Lastly, 3D Visual Image. The 3D visual image features an animated tale for children detailing the legend of the heavenly bamboo flute of the Silla kingdom written in Samgukyusa, History of the Three Kingdoms Period.

Gugaki is a commentator in this museum. Commentary/museum guide in English, Japanese and Chinese are available with a reservation via phone and bleow is time table.

Korean: Apply on the spot (at the reception desk)

English/Chinese/Japanese: Reservation is required via phone.

If you would like to have more detail, please visit www.gugak.go.kr .


* Location: Exit 3 of Seocho Station(Line Number 2), 15minutes on foot

* Hours: 9:00~18:00

* Closed on Mondays and January 1st

* Free Admission


A symbol of patriotism, Patriot Yun Bong-gil Memorial


Today’s Hot Place is a symbol of patriotism, Patriot Yun Bong-gil Memorial Hall.

Maehon is the pen name of the patriot Yun Bonggil, who was a resistance fighter for the Korean independence movement during the Japanese occupation. On 29 April 1932, he attempted to assassinate several Japanese leaders bombing a Japanese army celebration of Emperor Hirohito’s birthday in Hongkou Park in Shanghai. The Patriot Yun Bonggil Memorial was built in 1988 in the middle of Citizen’s Forest, Yangjae-dong.

Take Sinbundang Line and get off at Yangjae Citizen’s Forest Station.  It is just two more stops from Gangnam Station. You can easily find memorial from exit 5 of Yangjae Citizen’s Forest Station.


When you enter the hall, you can firstly see patriot Yun Bonggil’s pen name, Maehon written in Chinese and a bust of Yun Bonggil.


Various historic relics and Yun Bonggil’s life story are displayed at both left and right exhibition space. There is a souvenir shop where you can get a leaflet and stamp as a personal souvenir.


The first thing that comes to my mind about Yun Bonggil is bomb in lunch box.

On 29 Apr 1932, with two bombs on his person, one inside a water bottle and one inside a lunch box, he attacked a gathering of Japanese leaders at Hongkou Park (now Lu Xun Park) in Shanghai. Those are restored and displayed in the exhibition hall.

Below is a declaration of independence and math textbook of the day.




It  introduces the life of Yun Bonggil including his youth age, episodes with Kim Gu.


Above is a  wearing-in ceremony of the Korean patriot in front of Kim Gu.


A lot of photos, showing about struggles with loyal troops, March First Independence Movement and independence army etc, are being displayed on the second floor.   There is also library on the same floor.

Various kinds of culture courses are being held in the main conference room on the third floor.

It was a great chance to remind me of appreciating all the things the patriots did and all their sacrifices. He inspired me with the spirit of patriotism.                                            I hope everyone gets to visit this memorial some day~


* Location: Exit 5 of Yangjae Citizen’s Forest Station (Shinbundang Line)

– Around 10 min. by walking

* Opening Hours: Summer season(April~October): 10:00~5:30                                                                             Winter season(November~March): 10:00~4:30

* Admission fee: Free

* Closed on Mondays

Hot place in Seocho-gu: Gotomall and Central City

Hot place in Seocho-gu: Gotomall, Famille Station , Shinsegae Department Store and Central City

Buses from Express Bus Terminal go to every major bus station in the country. It is a huge terminal , which has convenient public transportation. It is very accessible as three different subway lines pass through it, line number 3,7 and 9.

It was called ‘Central City’ before, however it has become more popular ever since the multi shopping mall such as Gotomall and Shinsegae department store were equipped.

Let’s look around ‘Gotomall’ first!


This is a shopping mall in the basement of Express Bus Terminal. It is packed with cafes, restaurants and flower shops. You can buy clothes, shoes and body accessories here at good prices.


To go to ‘Gotomall’, you can get out through exit 8 of express bus terminal station.


You can easily find the entrance of Shinsegae Department Store from exit 8. It is Gangnam Shinsegae Department Store, one of the biggest department store in Korea.

The Shinsegae Department Store has a wide selection of cosmetic products showcased on the first floor, as well as a large variety of designer brands, jewelry stores, and accessories on the first and second floors.

Especially they provide concierge services  for foreigners and tax refund service.


On the other side, you can see remodeled central city shopping mall.  The Central City complex has now become a cultural paradise that features a wide variety of convenient facilities, including a wedding hall, a millennium hall for large-scale banquets and conventions, a food court, themed cafés, restaurants, banks and a hospital.


Many Japanese, chinese, Italian and fusion style of restaurants are along the hall.



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