September Seocho-gu Culture performance


Arts Center

Misha Maiski Cello Recital


Misha Maisky, one of the most important musicians of our time, is the only cellist who has worked with both the legendary cello masters Rostropovich and Piatigorsky.

Misha Maiski, who has inherited the emotions of Piatigorsky and the power of Rostropovich, is one of the best virutuoso of this era that no one can follow and is active in solo and indoor medicine.

In this Korean show, Maeskey will play 19th – 20th century music with the music of Schumann, Brahms, Pullenk and Britain.


Period: September.12. 2017 (Tue)

Time: 20:00

Venue: Concert Hall

Inquiries: 1577-5266



Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: Space Odyssey


A spinning space station, a black mysterious rock, an invitation to a cinematic adventure that goes beyond construction to the future beyond the imagination of mankind.

Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: Space Odyssey” is one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time.

If you have a big screen, it will be great, but if you add the sound of the members of Seoul National University and the National Choir, you will have a wonderful and unforgettable experience. 

Period: September. 21. 2017 (Thu)

Time: 20:00

Venue: Concert Hall

Inquiries: 1588-1210




Czech Philharmonic Orchestra


The Czech Philharmonic, the home of Dvorak and Smetana, and the Czech Republic’s music ensemble, which has maintained the cultural integrity of the Austrian empire, is located midway between Berlin and Vienna. It has its fourth performance in three years from 1991, 2001 and 2014 It is..

It is expected that Altrichter will embody the virtues of sophisticated sound and flawless ensemble which are breathtaking at the 8th edition of the Dvorak Symphony and the overture of Smetana ‘The Sold Priest’.

The concert is a concerto for Dvorak Cello. If you are a music lover, it is a song that makes you have more questions.

Period: September. 28. 2017 (Thu)

Time: 20:00

Venue: Concert Hall

Contact: 02-599-5743




National Cugak Center


2017 Folk Music Society Sinawi – ‘Han Young Sook Ryu (Purple) Puri’

This concert was designed to show the close relationship between music and dance to create a foothold for the revival of music music.

Based on Han Young Sook’s dance music composed of music accompaniment music used in Korean dance, I find out the origin of accompaniment music.


I will restore it and give it to the students

I would like to find out the true nature of correct music and to present the tradition of folk music society Sinawi and our musical history to the young musicians and audiences today.

I hope to be a concert where I can feel the tranquility of my body and heart.


Duration: September. 05. 2017

Time: 19:30

Place: Right side

Inquiries: 02-564-0269


Chung So-hee’s recital

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A new repertoire of Gyakgeom’s composition, evolving and adding to evolution.

The story of Jeong So-hee’s evolution series, which is breaking the boundaries of the tradition, creation, east and west, playing various genres and performing various activities and steady performances actively, the fourth story!


Duration: September.13. 2017

Time: 19:30

Place: Right side

Contact: 02-703-6599



Seoul Events & Festivals in August

‘Exciting Concert’ – The 129th Regular Concert of Seoul Metropolitan Chorus (Aug. 11)


This is recreated with a diverse composition of solos, duets and chorus pieces along with various genres such as musical numbers, opera, jazz and songs. The Seoul Metropolitan Chorus’ <Exciting Concert> began in 2012 is a chorus concert in a harmony of choral voices showing off the abundant melody and brilliant stage work accompanied by videos. It is a unique chorus concert full of touching moments centering on a chorus consisting of familiar music and is expected to become more abundant as time goes on.

– Date: 2016.08.11 (Thu)

– Time: 7:30 pm

– Place: Sejong Grand Theater

– Further Information:

 Hangang Ebul Film Festival (Aug. 12-14)


Take the comfort of your blankets to the Hangang Park. Why? To watch a movie of course! Last year’s one-day event was so well received that the festival has been extended to 3 days this year. The event offers different areas like a couples or horror section now, so you can truly immerse yourself in what you came for. The dress code, matching the blankets and ambience, is pajamas. Don’t forget to bring your pillows for the ensuing pillow fight. And you know that feeling of not wanting a movie to end? Well, don’t worry because there will be movies all night long.

– Date: 2016.08.12(Fri) – 2016.08.14(Sun)

– Place: Yeidodo Hangang Park

– Further Information:

 Fire Festival Korea 2016 (Aug.13 ~ Aug.14)


Join this fun festival to celebrate the Fire Festival Korea 2016 at Beautiful Venue, Some Sevit, Hangang. Artists from Hungary, Malaysia, France, Korea, Japan, Sweden and more will be performing various types of fire dances from hoop dance, juggling to ballet.

– Place: Yebit Stage, Some Sevit / Han River Banpo, Seoul, Korea

– Program: 13(Sat) : Parade, DJ Party, Gala show , Fireworks

14(Sun) : Workshop, Video, Samba Parade

– Further Information:

2016 Seoul Culture Night (Aug.26 ~ Aug.27)


The 9th Seoul Culture Night will be held from August 26 (Fri) to 27 (Sat) in various parts of Seoul, including Seoul Plaza and the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). Seoul Culture Night, held for the ninth time this year, will feature the programs that have been most appreciated and enjoyed by Seoul citizens at past festivals, such as “Camping in Seoul Plaza,” where Seoul citizens spend the night at Seoul Plaza in tents with their families and friends, and the “Seoul open house ,” where citizens experience the city’s unique and popular places.

– Place: Seoul Plaza, DDP(Dongdaemun Design Plaza), different areas in Seoul

– Program

  • Seoul Open House: Open various venues and space in Seoul to citizens
  • Seoul Plaza Camping : Camping to enjoy a night with culture program at Seoul Plaza
  • World Music Night : Music Festival that can enjoy unique World Music
  • Norimadang : Play traditional Korean games with people

– Further Information:


Seocho-gu cultural performances and events in August

제목 없음

* The Seocho Saturday Flea Market in 2016

❍ Period : March to November of 2016. Every Saturday 09:00 am to 15:00 pm

※ An opening day : Scheduled for Saturday, March 19, 2016

❍ Direction : Sadang Station (Seoul Subway Line 2, 4), Exit 11. Take an immediate right out of the exit and the market will be up-ahead.

❍ Seats: 291 Seats (Normal: 266 Seats, 5 Special Zone: 25 Seats)

❍ Content : The market is divided into different sections with goods for the general public, children and adolescents, nursery products, and seasonal items. The market also holds street concerts, creative arts programs, and other hands-on events for visitors.

Fire Festival Korea 2016 (August.13 ~ August.14)


Join this fun festival, ‘Fire Festival Korea’ at Beautiful Venue, Some Sevit, Hangang. There will be Fire Gala Shows, Flow Arts &Circus workshops with Amazing Artists. Come to showcase, dance, learn, share and celebrate Fire & Flow Arts.

– Place: SomeSevit, Banpo Hangang Park, Seoul

– Period: 8.13 (Sat) – 8.14 (Sun)

– Program: Fireworks, Fire Dancing, circus, ballet, modern dance, Music, Art

– Further Information:

* Seoul Arts Center Schedule

SAC Korean Folk Song Night (August.27 ~ September.10)


The Seoul Arts Center is throwing a series of free night concerts at its Shinsegae Square Outdoor Stage.The 2016 Seoul Arts Center Songs of the Night series of concerts will feature Korean songs as well as renowned music and folk songs from around the world. There will be a different theme every week.

Period: 8.27(Sat)/8.28(Sun)  19:30    9.03(Sat)/9.10(Sat)  19:00

Further Information:

 Anthony Browne Exhibition : Happy Museum (June.25 ~ September.25)


The brand new, biggest ever exhibition of Anthony Browne, presented on the entire space of the third floor of Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center.

Easy and entertaining exhibition for everyone to enjoy with over 200 original paintings, video art and kinetic installations.The friendly exhibition featuring the most beloved illustrator Anthony Browne’s gallery, Anthony library where the visitor can read as many books as possible, an exciting photo zone and activity programmes.

– Period: 6.25(SAT) – 9.25(SUN)

– Time: 11:00-20:00

* Closed on the last Monday of every month (6/27, 7/25, 8/29)

– Further Information:

 * National Gugak Center schedule

Byulbyul Yeonhee (August.6 ~ September.24)


Byulbyul Yeonhee is a gugak festival where citizens can sit back, relax, and enjoy traditional Korean culture. The performance groups who will showcase their talents to audiences. As a more modern take on traditional music, the National Gukak Center Art Company aims to have Korea’s traditional elements appeal to a wider audience.

-Further Information:

 Creative Performance “Look, Listen, Arrive” (August.27)


“Look, Listen, Arrive” is Korea Music Creative Performance by the contemporary gugak orchestra.

It includes various gugak genres ranging from traditional classical music to combining traditional orchestral music with animation and voice actors.

-Further Information:

Seoul Events & Performances in July

Water Gun Fight Festival (7.9 ~ 7.10)

7월 서울시1

The Water Gun Fight Festival was started as a fun way to ward off the summer heat. Young, old, male or female, anyone can join in. With a single water gun, visitors can enjoy a variety of entertainments including a parade and music concert at the festival. Initiated as a social festival through Facebook in 2013, the festival offers all kinds of fun with water guns at Sinchon, the heart of youth and hip culture.

– Period: July 09 (Sat) ~ July 10 (Sun), 2016

– Location: Area of Yeonse-ro Street in Sinchon

– For more info: +82-2-2156-3056


2016 Hangang Summer Festival (7.15 ~ 8.21)

7월 서울시2

Hangang Summer Festival (or Hangang Mongttang Festival) is the largest riverside culture festival held annual, enjoyed by visitors and citizens of Seoul alike. Programs are organized by the Hangang Project Headquarters of the Seoul Metropolitan Government in cooperation with various civic organizations, transforming the Hangang River into a joy-filled playground. Activities found at the event grounds and participating organizations span a wide variety of sectors, including: camping, water leisure sports, concerts, film screenings, street festivals, cycling, paper boat racing, fire art, and traditional art performances.

제목 없음

– Period: July 15 (Fri) – August 21 (Sun), 2016 〈38 days〉

– Locatiopn: The whole area of Hangang Park

– For more info:


Seoul Dessert Fair (7.23 ~ 7.24)

7월 서울시4

For this fair taking place in Seoul, you might want to skip dinner and go straight for the dessert. An event that may be dangerous for anyone with a sweet tooth, the Seoul Dessert Fair promises to be a delicious affair complete with specialties collected from all over the nation as well as experimental desserts and sweets from famous international brands.

– Period: July 23 (Sat) – July 24 (Sun)

– Location: SETEC Hangnyeoul Station

– For more info:


Raindrop Festival (7.29 ~ 7.31)

7월 서울시5

During the summer of South Korea, there will be a lot of rains. Don’t worry here is a new upcoming event that we could enjoy during the rainy season!

On July 29th to 31st, at Seoul City Hall square!

This festival planned to encourage people about saving water and how important is the hydrologic cycle. Please come visit and enjoy this year’s first helding festival !

– Period : July 29 (Fri), ~ July 31 (Sun), 2016

– Location: Seoul City Hall square

– For more info:


PARK Sung-Won : Casting Me, Carving You (6.7 ~ 7.24)

7월 서울시6

Seoul Museum of Art presents Casting Me, Carving Youas its southern branch, Nam-Seoul Living Arts Museum, Park Sung-Won is an experimental artist who has expanded the realm of glass art with his unique works that present the true characteristics of glass art. His works demonstrate a thorough craftsmanship while crossing the boundaries of sculpture and craft.

Centering on the artist’s recent work, the exhibition will survey Park’s entire oeuvre of the past fifteen years. Through the exhibition, we expect to illuminate the characteristics and value of this under-recognized genre, art created in the medium of glass. Please express your generous support and interest for the artist Park Sung-Won, glass art, and this exhibition.

– Period: June 07 (Tue), ~ July 24 (Sun), 2016

– Location: SEMA Nam-Seoul Living Arts Museum

– For more info:


Opera `Curlew River` (7.28 ~ 7.31)

7월 서울시7

This is the most-performed opera since 1900 and was composed by British composer B.Britten, evaluated as the best contemporary musician. He composed it based on inspiration gained during his tour to the Orient in the 1950s, where he was influenced by the Japanese play acting methods and court music of the Middle Ages. The story begins with different kinds of people who gather to mourn for a boy who died one year ago while travelling as a slave of a foreigner.

– Period: July 28 (Thur), ~ July 31 (Sun), 2016

– Location: Sejong M Theater

– For more info:

Seocho-gu cultural performances and events in July

7월 서초구1제목 없음

Seocho Friday Concert Schedule

Date Place Title Cast Memers Content
July 1 (Fri), 2016


Simsan Memorial Culture Center( Art Hall- 2nd floor) SAC On Screen

<‘From the New World’ by Dvorak >

On Screen


July 8 (Fri), 2016


Simsan Memorial Culture Center( Art Hall- 2nd floor) The classical music with Commentary Ⅰ<Shakespeare & Cervantes> Musician: Trio CL

Host: Pop culture critic Heo Hui

chamber music
July 15 (Fri), 2016


Simsan Memorial Culture Center( Art Hall- 2nd floor) SAC On Screen – <Magic Flute> On Screen(Opera)
July 22 (Fri), 2016


Simsan Memorial Culture Center( Art Hall- 2nd floor) The classical music with Commentary  Ⅱ<You and Haruki and the music> Musician: Trio CL

Host: Pop culture critic Heo Hui

chamber music
July 29 (금), 2016


Simsan Memorial Culture Center( Art Hall- 2nd floor) SAC On Screen – <Giselle> On Screen(Ballet)

❍ Inquiries : Cultural Support Team (☎02-2155-6202)


The Seocho Saturday Flea Market in 2016

❍ Period : March to November of 2016. Every Saturday 09:00 am to 15:00 pm

※ An opening day : Scheduled for Saturday, March 19, 2016

❍ Direction : Sadang Station (Seoul Subway Line 2, 4), Exit 11. Take an immediate right out of the exit and the market will be up-ahead.

❍ Seats: 291 Seats (Normal: 266 Seats, 5 Special Zone: 25 Seats)

❍ Content : The market is divided into different sections with goods for the general public, children and adolescents, nursery products, and seasonal items. The market also holds street concerts, creative arts programs, and other hands-on events for visitors.


Free-Seoriful Festival! KBS Symphony Orchestra Concert

❍ Date : July 10(Sun), 2016  19:00 pm (80 Min.)

❍ Venue : Main building of Sarang Church

❍ Host : Sarang Church, SBS symphony orchestra

❍ Supporter: Seocho-gu

❍ Amission fee : 10,000 won

❍ Participants : Approximately 6,000

❍ Main participants : Head of the Seocho District Office, members of the National Assembly, members of a city council, district representatives

❍ Inquiries : Culture and Arts Support Team (☎02-2155-6202)

July Schedule of Seoul Arts Center


The Little Singers of Monaco(Les Petits Chanteurs De Monaco)  (7.14 08:00 pm)

7월 서초구1

The Little Singers of Monaco, a children’s choir made up of 24 boys aged 8 to 15, will be performing in Korea this summer as part of their Asian tour.

The choir will sing songs from the Baroque and Romantic eras, as well as folk songs, movie soundtracks and pop songs from all around the world. Audiences can look forward to familiar songs like the “Do-Re-Mi” song from “The Sound of Music” and “How Deep is Your Love” by the Bee Gees, sung in sweet harmony by the choir’s little singers.

For more info:

Musical Wicked (7.10 ~ 8.28)

7월 서초구2

 The top-grossing musical on Broadway for 12 years!

A magnificent green gust that has swept over the world now comes to Korea!


The 37 members of leading characters of has been completed through an audition!

With a fascinating stage and music that will daze your eyes!

Profound and thoughtful inspiration that delivers philosophical messages including friendship, good and evil. And also with the fantastic Grammy award-winning and Triple platinum music. The only musical that can satisfy all generations regardless of their ages.

For more info:

2016 National Gugak Center Wednesday Chumjeon (3.2 ~ 11.30)

7월 서초구3

Today’s dancing steps that will become tomorrow’s tradition will challenge your impressions!

New movements based on traditional techniques start here. A journey of dancing choreographed by leaders is interpreted in a whole new way.

Wednesday Chumjeon stages fascinating dances of leaders and followers, yesterday and today, traditional and modern times, of the past and now.

7월 서초구4

-For more info:



Seocho Events & Performances in June

문화달력 (영어)

Seocho Friday Concert Schedule

Episode Date and time Place Performance title Group Genre
962 Friday,June 3, 2016


Seocho-gu Community Center Creative play of

Simsan, Kim Chang-suk’s life story


Byulgoeul gwangdae

(Korean Traditional Performing Arts Troupe)

963 Friday,June 10, 2016


Seocho-gu Community Center <Memorial month –

Guest performance>

S. Korean military symphony orchestra

S. Korean military symphony orchestra Orchestra
964 Friday,June 17, 2016


Seocho-gu Community Center <The Free Festival –

Guest performance>

Seoul Pops Orchestra

Seoul Pops Orchestra choral music



Friday,June 24, 2016


Simsan Memorial Culture Center SAC On Screen – The Nutcracker The National Ballet Company Ballet


❍ Inquiries : Cultural Support Team (☎02-2155-6202)


The Seocho Saturday Flea Market in 2016


❍ Period : March to November of 2016. Every Saturday 09:00 to 15:00

※ An opening day : Scheduled for Saturday, March 19, 2016

❍ Direction : Sadang Station (Seoul Subway Line 2, 4), Exit 11. Take an immediate right out of the exit and the market will be up-ahead.

❍ Seats: 291 Seats (Normal: 266 Seats, 5 Special Zone: 25 Seats)

❍ Content : The market is divided into different sections with goods for the general public, children and adolescents, nursery products, and seasonal items. The market also holds street concerts, creative arts programs, and other hands-on events for visitors.


Yangjae happy concert


❍ Date and Time : 2016. 6. 11.(Saturday) 10:30 ~ 12:00

❍ Venue : Yeongdonggyo 2 concert hall in Yangjaecheon

❍ Participants : Approximately 500 residents

❍ Organizers : Yangjae happy concert/ Yangjae 1-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul

❍ Content : ‘’ Yangjaecheon walking event and Yangjaecheon healing concert with family”

* Title : 『I Love♥Yangjaecheon』

❍ Program

Part Time Cast members Program
Part 1


The opening

(15 min.)

10:30~10:45 15′ NANTA

(non-verbal performance of reckless rhythms)

Part 2


The opening ceremony

(10 min.)

10:45~10:55 10′ Host –

Nomin(A broadcaster)

Opening remarks

Introduction of guests

Main concert

(50 min.)

10:55~11:05 10′  

Yu Dahyeon


11:05~11:15 10′ Children’s quartet
11:15~11:30 15′ A guitar genius

‘Gwon Seolgyeong’

11:30~11:45 15′ Idol group ‘Mfect’
The closing

(5 min.)

11:45~11:50 5′ All the performers Closing address

Yangjaecheon song in chorus

❍ Inquiry : Culture and Arts Support Team (☎02-2155-6228)


Free Festival 2016-Outreach Street Concert Schedule

❍ Period: 2016. 6. 1. ~ 6. 29. 〔A total of 10 times〕

❍ Date and Time : 12:30 ~ 13:10 (40 min.), Every Monday and Wednesday

❍ Venue : Gangnam station Maeul Madang(Monday), Soul Arts Center Ssamji Park(Wednesday), Bangbae-ro 42-gil small park

❍ Participants : Approximately 100 residents

❍ Inquiry : Culture and Arts Support Team (☎2155-6228)


Program Schedule of Seoul Arts Center

Seoul Arts Center Calligraphy Museum Opening Exhibition II  (6.10~8.28)

서초구1Celebrating the reopening of the Seoul Calligraphy Museum at Seoul Arts Center, the exhibition will be held from June 11 to August 28. Seoul Calligraphy Museum, which opened in 1988, is the world’s first-ever exhibition venue dedicated to calligraphy. It had been closed for a year for renovation purposes, and now it reopens with a renewed collection of traditional and contemporary works.

Further information:


A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Yohangza Theater Company (6.02 ~ 6.12)


“A dynamic, hilarious and fun visual and physical theater production.

In this visually and physically dynamic, hilarious and fun theater production, we are transported to an East Asian Shakespearean world of unforgettable fantasy. Both adults and children will enjoy this ninety-minute program, winner of the award for Best Production at both the Gdansk Shakespeare Festival, Poland, 2006 and the 15th Cairo International Experimental Theater Festival, Egypt, 2003. Featuring distinctive Korean-style movements, facial expression and vocalization, this compelling mix of energetic dance, voice and percussion is brought to life by the dokkaebi, fairies from Korean mythical folklore. The audience is treated to a range of Koreanized Shakespearean characters, including the Korean equivalents of the fairy king and queen, Oberon and Titania, in reverse roles; Bottom as a Korean country woman searching for sansam, a rare hundred-year-old ginseng; and a Puck who splits into twins! In the story become entangled in a complicated plot of infectious fun, which Yohangza invites the audience to enjoy to the full.


2015 The 5th Ballet Festival Korea (June 10, 2016 – June 18,2016)


The Universal Ballet Company presents Ballet Musical Shim Chung – a fusion of traditional Korean folk tale with ballet and musical theater. A special feature of the production is the updating of the character in a more contemporary fashion. The miserable, self-sacrificing Shim Chung of the traditional folk tale is transformed here into a young woman, with an agenda, who is shaping her own destiny. (Shim Chung is the story of the dutiful, loving Korean daughter of a blind man who sacrifices her life by throwing herself into the sea to restore her father’s sight.


Seoul Events & Performances in June

2016 Moonlight Tour at Changdeokgung Palace (March~June)


We cordially invite you to the 2016 Moonlight Tour of Changdeokgung Palace, which is being held as a part of the project for transforming Seoul’s royal palaces and fortresses into thriving venues of history and culture. We hope that you will have a truly memorable time during a night in Changdeokgung Palace under the bright moonlight. Admission is reserved for foreign nationals only. All IDs will be checked on entry.

– Period: Mar. 27, 2016 ~ Jun. 22, 2016 (Jun. 21 and 22, 2016 20:00)

– Tour Route : Donhwamun Gate (Meeting point)→Jinseonmun Gate→Injeongjeon Hall→Nakseonjae Hall (Appreciation of moonlight)→Sangnyangjeong Pavilion (Daegeum Solo performance)→Buyongji Pond (Appreciation of moonlight)→Bullomun Gate→Yeongyeongdang Hall (Traditional performance & refreshments)→Secret Garden Forest Trail→Donhwamun Gate (End)

– Further information:


Korean Dance Carnival


This is one of the dances from yard and is not limited by any special form. Due to its lack of restriction, there has been little chance of experiencing it on the stage. This hard-tosee dance is presented through stories. Appreciate the true taste of traditional dance contained in the free dancing steps.

– Period: Thursday, June 2, 2016 ~ Sunday, June 5, 2016

– Place: Sejong M Theater

– Further information:


The 7th Korea Palace Hi Walking Festival


Bright summer has began. It’s the perfect season for nice walking with your families and friends. Come out this Sunday to Seoul’s the most walk-able, and historical city center.

The 7th Korea Palace Hi Walking Festival takes place on June 12th around historical areas in Seoul. The walk is going to start from Seoul Plaza and finish at Changgyeonggung Palace. It’s an extraordinary chance and a special way to explore around palaces.

– Date: Sunday, June 12th, 2016 9:00 AM

– Place: City Hall (Seoul Plaza) (Walking course – Seoul Plaza → Gyeongbokgung Palace → Changdeokgung Palace → Changgyeonggung Palace)

– Inquiries : 02-580-2991/


2016 Diner en Blanc ( Seoul – June 11 )


Dîner en Blanc Seoul is pleased to announce that it has been selected as one of the main programs of the 2015-2016 France-Korea Year. The 2015-2016 France-Korea Year is celebrating 130 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries. From September 2015 to August 2016, France welcomes the Korean Republic, an invitation opening up to the discovery of all the facets of an ancient and refined culture, buzzing with creativity and modernity through exhibits, concerts, performances, festivals, lectures, etc, and Korea is showcasing a variety of events from France, ranging from gastronomy events, art exhibits, concerts to festivals from March to December 2016.

– Date: Saturday, June 11th, 2016

– Place: Seoul’s beautiful attractions (Released just before the event)

– Further information:

Seoul Events & Performances in May

2nd Royal Culture Festival 2016 (4.29 ~ 5.08)

In this spring of 2016, the royal palaces of the Joseon Dynasty are being opened wide to the public with a variety of educational and experience programs. Marking its second anniversary, the Royal Palace Festival draws on the spirit of the Joseon palaces and their time-honored history to creatively reinterpret royal culture for enjoyment today. The tangible and intangible legacies of royal culture are enhanced through sophisticated technologies and modern aestheticsto produce novel cultural content showcasing the royal palaces. A ten-day exploration of the royal court culture of the Joseon Dynasty is unfolding before us.

Subject : Today, We meet the palace

-Period : 2016. 04. 29(Fri) ~ 2016. 05. 08(Sun)
(* Opening Ceremony: 2016. 4. 29(Fri) 19:00, Area in front of Heungnyemun Gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace)

-Place : Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, Changgyeonggung Palace, Deoksugung palace , Jongmyo


Further Information:


Yeon Deung Hoe ‘Lotus Lantern Festival’(5.06 ~ 5.08)

In tribute to a millennial tradition you are cordially invited to Korea’s annual Lotus lantern Festival which will definitely lighten your heart and brighten your world. Organized to celebrate the Buddhas’s coming into this world, the month-long Lotus lantern Festival will pack its most highlighted events into three days on May 6~8 there are hands-on experiential programs and performances to sing and dance along with, as well as parades and echibitions to see. Most programs are family-oriented, so bring your families and loved ones and immerse yourselves in the festival’s spiritual ambience and energetic togetherness which you won’t be able to experience anywhereelse. On the night of Map 15. more than one hundred thousand lotus lanterns will light up the Seoul night. The majestic parade of lanterns in unimaginable shapes and colors will bring the hearts of both participants and spectators together as on.

Period:  5. 6. 2016 (Fri.) ~ 5. 8. 2016 (Sun.)

Place: Jogye-sa temple, Cheonggyecheon stream

Further Information:


Sejong Festival Picnic 2016 (5.02)

Seoul Youth Gukak (Traditional music) group is making the future of Korean music in the world based on traditional Korean music with creative emotion and challenge. In this Sejong Festival, you can enjoy a lot of free performance as well as Seoul Youth Gukak group’s performance. On May. 2nd 2016, Free Gukak performance will be help at 6:30p.m in Sejong outside performance area!

– Further information:


The Beatles Musical ‘Let it be’ (5.21 ~ 22)

It’s been 50 years since the Beatles was born. The Enghlish version of beatles musical ‘Let it be’ will be opened on 21st of May 2016. If you love the beatles music, this will be very good oppertunity to listen all the beatles’ live songs. Do not miss this oppertunity!

– Further information:



Gwanghwamun International Art Festival (5.04 ~ 5.26)

Gwanghwamun International Art Festival is for Seoul citizen’s  Visual culture inspiring. They are focusing on art culture festival which anyone can enjoy. This GIAF will be held at Sejong center gallery, Gwanghwamun plaza, Metro gallery from 11a.m to 8p.m. You will meet various art pieces and about 500 artists provided their art pieces.  

– Further information:

Seocho Events & Performances in May


Seocho Friday Concert Schedule

서초금요음악회 (영문)

❍ For further information : Culture team (☎ 02)2155-6202)


2016 Seocho Saturday Flea Market Open

❍ Operation Period: 2016. Mar ~Nov. Every Sat 09:00~15:00 (35th)

※ Open Date: 2016.3.19(Sat) Plan

❍ Operation Section: Approximately 480m, Sadang Station~Bangbae Lotte Castle Arete(Apt)

❍ Seats: 291 Seats (Normal: 266 Seats, 5 Special Zone: 25 Seats)

❍ Content: 6 ZONE‧Experience Zone‧Huh Café, and monthly theme marketplace

2016 Flea Market for Children and Teenagers

❍ Date : 2016. 5. 7.(Sat.) 09:00 ~ 13:00

❍ Location : In front of the Bangbae Senior Citizen Welfare Program Centers of Public Parking Lot

❍ No. of Participants : 100 people ( Volunteers from Children and Teenagers, Persons in charge of volunteer center from Seochogu office)

❍ Contents : Contributing 50% of income from selling recycled goods for children who has low income family in Seocho area

❍ Questions : Team of its inhabitants (☎ 02)2155-8632)


Seoul Arts Center Performance and Exhibition

2016 KOREA OPERA FESTIVAL : Korea Opera Group <Rinaldo> (5.06 ~ 5.08)

In 2007, Korea opera group caused a huge reaction through Korea first performance of  “ Pier Luigi pitch & La Scala theater production’s opera <Rinaldo>” It will come back with the world artists and Korean & world vocalists and they will show you the opera with new incredible stage art performance. Handel < Rinaldo > could be performed by only Korea opera group and it will be the opening performance of 7th Korea Opera festival. You Will enjoy the essence of baroque opera with  overwelming performance, splendid Baroque costumes, Europe top vocalists and Korean vocalists, and more interesting story. Please do not miss this opera! It will be performed at Seoul art center Opera Theater from 6th of May to 8th of May.



2016 KOREA OPERA FESTIVAL : Beseto Opera <Rigoletto> (5.19 ~ 5.21)

Beseto opera group will perform G.Verdi’s opera <Rigoletto> this time. Beseto opera group was seleted by the largest audience in 2015 through opera <Carmen>. The opera <Rigoletto> has not been performed since 2012 and you can expect the best performance ever under conductor Rudiger Bohn who was the  Berlin opera artistic director and <Rigoletto> specialist. Beautiful music on the tragic story,  magnificent stage will satisfy you if you are expacting the Italian traditional opera.



2016 The 6th BALLET FESTIVAL KOREA_ Korea National Ballet : KNO Special Gala (5.13 ~ 5.29)

From the Ballet Festival Korea, Korean Ballet group has the goal of the popularization of the ballet and this performance will offer the opportunity to new choreographer. There will be also free outside performance and anyone can visit this Ballet performance and enjoy Ballet Festival Korea. You can meet various Ballet performance during this festival. Please visit and enjoy the beautiful ballet performance!


Design Art Fair 2016 (4.29 ~ 5.08)

Please visit Design Art Fair ‘Gift’ opening at Hangaram Art Museum Gallery 7 (Old V-Gallery). You can feel life design and Art closely together. 100 Artists provided more than 5000 art pieces and design! Come and enjoy the art design!



Seocho Events & Performances in April

april culture calendar

Seocho Friday Concert Schedule

Seocho Friday Concert (April)

2016 Seocho Saturday Flea Market Open

❍ Operation Period: 2016. Mar ~Nov. Every Sat 09:00~15:00 (35th)

※ Open Date: 2016.3.19(Sat) Plan

❍ Operation Section: Approximately 480m, Sadang Station~Bangbae Lotte Castle Arete(Apt)

❍ Seats: 291 Seats (Normal: 266 Seats, 5 Special Zone: 25 Seats)

❍ Content: 6 ZONE‧Experience Zone‧Huh Café, and monthly theme marketplace

Seoul Arts Center Performance and Exhibition

Opera ‘Turandot’ (4.08 ~ 4.10)


Opera ‘Turandot’ is a co-production of SOL’OPERA and Giovanna Casolla who is the greatest prima donna in music history. Giovanna Casolla performed over 1000 performances at worldwide theatre like La Scala Theatre, Metropolitan Opera House, Arena Di Verona and etc. **Special discount of 40% off – R seats, S seats and A Seats of 50 seats each**. Catch this opportunity to explore the unexpected.


SUGIOPERA OPERA ‘Un Ballo in Maschera’ (4.15 – 17)


Cruel destiny of the main characters who hid themselves under masks in a fancy ball! You will be able to experience the impressive unimaginable drama of the conflict over the love and friendship with Verdi’s masterpiece. With no.1 worldwide casting of Francesco Meli and Sumi Jo, with soprano major leaguer ‘Lim-Se Kyung, and together with the perfect casting of SUGI, the BEST opera “Un Ballo in Maschera” will bring you to feel spring sell in fully romantic night.



The Play ‘Death of a Salesman’_SAC CUBE 2016 (4.14 ~ 5.08)


“Death of a Salesman” is a 1949 play in 20th century, written by American playwright Arthur Miller. It’s often ranked right up there with classics like “A Streetcar Named Desire” and “Long Day’s Journey into Night”. Since its Broadway premiere in 1949 Pulitzer Prize etc, it has gained great success and been considered as legendary play. Typical core director of theatrical world, Han-Tae Suk who is going to re-interpret the play in 2016. It’s a MUST see to spend meaningful time while comparing our life to the things happening to main character Willy, in spring of this year.



Pansori(Korean Traditional Music) Short Story Series_Gabriel Garcia Marquez (4.21 – 5.1)


Jayu Theater of Seoul Arts Center will hold performance of young musician Lee Ja-ram who grabs the world’s attention. Short story ‘Bon Voyage, Mr. President!’, written by great Latin American’s novelist Gabriel García Márquez, will be played by Korea’s Pansori (One of the Koran traditional music which one person usuall sing a song and the other person play the Korean drum) . It will be a very interesting show. If you wonder what kind of performance will be, when western meets eastern, then you’d better to make a reservation right now.


Korean Symphony Orchestra – Rising Star Season V : Youth Bloom Spring Concert (4.30)


Conductor Hong Seok-won and Korean Symphony Orchestra will show you beautiful sound of music with pianists Bang Ah-ram, Park Yeon-min and flutist Lee Eun-jun.The Korean symphony Orchestra founded in 1985, it had been played more than 90 times a year at Korea and overseas in past 30 years. They will play the spirit of warm spring sun with great masters. How about enjoy the show during this beautiful spring time of cherry blossom season?


Seoul Events & Performance Programs

Brilliant Memories-accompany (March 21 ~ April 21)

서울시 공연 1

This brilliant memories second campaign will take place at Seoul Museum of Art exhibition project gallery. Memories exhibition gallery collected a story related to existing vehicle from Hyundai car owners who is going to scrap a car or sell used car. The art work was made from the customers’ own vehicles and parts.
If you are interested in vehicles and art, I recommend you to visit here now.


VIVA! Cello (March 25, 20: 00)

서울시 공연 2

<Viva! series> is time to look into and know more about the orchestra which is playing with various musical instruments. You can enjoy the classical music more with easy and familiar programs. The first ‘Viva! series’ in 2016, <Viva the cello !> is performing by Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra and the program will be focus on cello players. It will be good opportunity to enjoy the orchestra  for the classic lovers as well as beginners with interesting explanation and exciting songs.



Musical Amadeus (March 11 ~ April 24)

서울시 공연 3

Musical Amadeus is playing at the main theater of Sejong Center now. This Musical Amadeus was previously performed in 2012 with the name of ‘Mozart’s opera rock’ and it gave the audience a strong impact. Therefore, it has changed the name and upgraded the program to show in Korea with French original actors and staff as the first performance in Korea. If you like or are interested in Musical, I recommend you to watch this Musical Amadeus!


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